Question & Answer Interview 2010 District 115 (Canidate) - MO House of Representatives

Monroe, Louisiana (PressExposure) October 29, 2009 -- (Question) (1.) As a representative "for the people," can we count on having you vote on issues in a way that reflects the will of the people?

(Dinwiddie) "I think that for years we as citizens have not taken responsibility for people that we elect into public office. It really doesn't matter how good they are, it seems that they in one form or another get snared up in the partisan games of the two parties that are responsible for the entire mess that our country is in. "After hosting extensive town halls and giving people the opportunity to find out who I am and what I represent, the majority of the votes will show everyone that what I am trying to do is the will of the people."

"If elected, I will represent my voters, and as the term I serve continues, keep a record of how I vote and why I voted that way. I will have town halls on the big subjects to be voted on in order to weigh both sides of the issues we are dealing with. I believe we need to hold the people we vote for accountable, by following up with them so that they do not get distracted, and also give them the support needed to complete the job on the agenda."

"In addition, my planned continued communication with the people of district 115 in Central Missouri will assure that they hold me accountable. I plan to stay in touch with them through private and public channels such as email, phone, websites, and publications to name a few. It is critical that if we the people are to get anything done, we have to work together and be on the same page."

(Question) (2.) How will we know that "politics as usual" will not engulf you as it has so many other Representatives, once you have a seat in the house?

(Answer) "There is a reason that I am running as an Independent, I believe that for years it has been like a "kid in the candy store alone with the lights off" type of mentality continued on by politicians, and we the voters were no better by not following up with them after our vote. Responsibility is not something that anyone wants to take on, but in this stage of the game, it is critical that every citizen of this district think not only for their future but for our children's future as well."

"I believe that the games of politics should be over, it is time for government to work for the people again and protect our heritage and not big corporations or countries that do not hold the same values as us. The most critical point in keeping a good apple good is "communication."

"We can't leave our friend stranded on an island and expect him to come home. We have to make a decision to rescue him at all costs and follow through. The power of a Representative is only the power of the people's voice that backs him or her."

"When follow up is expected on both sides and accountability is eminent, success will follow because responsibilities are in order. I am a responsible businessman that stops at nothing for the success of the businesses that advertise with me. Nothing will change when my role as State Representative is taken on to bring our communities back to responsibility, and employment back to our families."

(Question) (3.) Do you agree with the Presidents total healthcare reform?

(Answer) "I absolutely disagree with President Obama's health care plan. One person said "If we can't even get a flu shot by the hand of the Government, how will they be any better at managing millions of people and enforcing their radical programs? Social Security for my age group and older will probably be non- existent by the time we are old enough to draw on it. I see this health reform as another get rich scheme that the lazy people of this country have dreamed up to replace responsibility and dealing with the true issues of health care."

"What I'd like to see is an end to frivolous lawsuits that line lawyer's pockets, and reward individuals who are looking for an easy way to make money."

"Stopping large drug companies from the right to poison people just because their drug seems to work at start up with little or no trial time would also be a move in the right direction. Greed and corruption have entered the health care fields as well, and just like anything else we have to monitor actions taken on by medical professionals and insurance companies."

"Just because they wear a tie or a white gown does not make them honest. What our country needs to do for the people with no insurance is to give a standard tax credit to help them pay for their coverage and develop prevention classes that they will be required to attend to receive the tax credit. This way we can educate people on what causes that which is ailing them and therefore give them more responsibility for their own health. I believe there is too much government and too many laws in some areas, not all but some."

"It's time to use common sense and practical solutions to fix issues and stop dreaming up elaborate schemes that will deeply affect not only our economy, but generations to come if we are lucky enough to retain a 'free country" that long."

(Question) (4.) Are you for or against more and bigger government mandates concerning how to get the economy back on track?

(Answer) "I believe that if we could count on the public to take some accountability and responsibility for what is going on around them, then America would flourish without any government intervention. The issue is that most people just don't care and have given up that their vote means anything, and as long as they do that, the kids (politicians) will continue to play in their candy store and this downward spiral will continue."

"We must hold each other accountable in a walk to success and stop placing fall guys in office and not holding them accountable. The only way this will happen is if "We the People" take back our country using honesty, integrity and the values that this nation was founded on. We need cooperation and teamwork instead of division and greed."

(Question) (5.) Should the President call for a absolute "pull out date" concerning troops in Iraq would you vote for, or against this issue?

(Answer) "We should have been out of Iraq the day after they freed Iraq and did away with Sadaam. We should have been in Afghanistan 4 years ago."

"It's time to stop meddling in other's affairs and worry about the people that live here and focus on rebuilding our futures. It's time to worry about the things that matter which can bring success to this great country and realize that there will always be enemies."

"We need to protect our country and stay out of other countries' business unless there is an eminent threat. Draw our line in the sand at our borders and stop playing superman of the world because the dividends you make off of that job have bankrupted this country."

After our question and answer interview, I spoke with Mr. Dinwiddie candidly about the state of affairs concerning this great Nation, and what could be done to help bring about the much needed, moral, ethical, and virtuous changes to our Country. "These things are not about what one man can do," he said. "It will require us all coming together, and working with one another having minds that are set in one accord."

"We must stop rewarding bad behavior." The small amount of leadership that governs a population having hundreds of millions should first set an example themselves. Not just in word alone, but in deed as well. When they printed the words, "In God We Trust," on American money, then turned right around, and by their actions showed that money itself had became what they put their faith in, this threw the door wide open for the Devil to come in.

Let it be known that I am not for having too much Government. What I am for is having people themselves start showing some responsibility as well as accountability when it comes to why they are in the shape they are in, whether it be in health, finances, or other areas that need improving. Shifting the blame onto someone else does not do a single thing towards helping people solve problems.

We need to get away from having greed and power drive our ambitions. I feel compelled to run for this office so that I may use it for the betterment of us all. My run for the seat will have nothing to do with political aspiration, financial gain, or personal "status." To me it will be about what I can do, to help this Nation come together on the things that really matter, things that no amount of money can buy, such as trust, virtue, honesty, integrity.

This Nation can be turned around before it is too late. It can and will become the kind of Country that other Nations will want to be like. It begins at home, with each and every citizen who is blessed to be able to call America "home." I realize that I am only one man, but one man can make a great difference, all he has to be willing to do - is to do something different. I am willing, are you?


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