Question and Answer Session on Transfer Switches

Fox River Grove, IL (PressExposure) March 08, 2011 -- Owning a generator for your home means you might be interested in transfer switches. The following questions and answers should provide you with some key knowledge on the subject. What are transfer switches?

Simply put, a transfer switch is an electrical switch that will redirect your power from the primary source to a backup source. These are often installed in conjunction with backup generators in homes or businesses.

What is the difference between automatic and manual transfer switches?

Well, as the name implies, a manual transfer switch requires that you physically transfer your power source. On the other hand, the automatic transfer switches do it for you. The benefit of going with the automatic is obvious-if your power goes out, you'll go to generator power almost immediately. This will significantly cut down the time you go without power, as well as the hassle that goes along with it.

Can I install my own transfer switches?

Installing transfer switches can be tricky business. If done incorrectly, they may not work properly and may even be dangerous. If you look around online, you might be able to find some directions for installation of transfer switches. But realistically, you'd be wise to hire a professional, licensed electrician to do it for you. That way you can rest assured that the job was done safely and correctly. You might consider getting it inspected as well.

Where can I purchase transfer switches?

Typically you can find transfer switches through a generator supplier. Your best bet is to look online. Shopping online has a variety of benefits including:

• Convenience - Your purchase only requires you to sit down at your computer with your credit card.
• Choices - When you shop online, you have a wide variety of choices. Brands, suppliers-the ball is in your court.
• Fair pricing - The sheer number of online suppliers make it easy for you to compare prices. That means you can get a better deal than if you go searching for generator transfer switches in stores.

What brand of transfer switches should I choose?

There are all sorts of brands out there. Generally, it's a good idea to match the brand of your generator with your transfer switch. For example, if you have a Generac generator, go with Generac transfer switches. Or if you have a Guardian generator, stick with them for the transfer switch.

How much should I expect to spend on transfer switches?

Price depends on a few things. First of all, brand can play a factor. For example, you may pay a bit more for a Generac transfer switch than some off brand that you've never heard of. Also, an automatic transfer switch will likely run you more than a manual one. And of course there are other features that can raise prices as well. So while it's hard to give a straight answer to this question, you'll probably find generator transfer switches starting at around 250 dollars and going up into the thousands.

If you use a generator as a backup power supply for your home or business, consider looking into transfer switches now.

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