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Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) March 15, 2011 -- Since the untimely passing of front man Kevin DuBrow, it's been a topic of discussion in rock circles if in fact Quiet Riot could continue to exist as a band. As 2010 successfully proved, Quiet Riot, as the band you've known your entire rock life is very much alive and well. With a list of dates and performances passed and an Australian tour just weeks away, long standing drummer Frankie Banali is carrying on the legend of Quiet Riot with every bit of verve and gusto that has brought the band this far.

Scheduled to perform throughout 2011, the loss of what people often consider the trademark to Quiet Riot, the voice, has had little effect on what fans love about Quiet Riot's live performance. It's the music! In the spirit of Kevin's performances that were as big on a stage in front of 200 people as it had been on stages in front of 45,000 people; members of Quiet Riot are providing new fans as well as fans of old with the live performance that inspired dozens of the world's most well known rock acts of the 80's and 90's mainstream rock era. Gifted with an opportunity to shine, Southern California vocalist Mark Huff has filled the lead man's shoes in bringing that familiar quiet Riot sound to the stage. How, you may ask, did he get this job? He earned it! Hand selected by Frankie Banali himself from reviewing videos of Huff, Frankie offered Mark the chance to take part in a band that had been an influence to Mark's own musical career. An opportunity of a lifetime for any rock vocalist, but for Mark it has been a chance to showcase his obvious talents in the genre. He is a dead ringer for Kevin; just close your eyes and listen. It's remarkable!

Rounding out the band are bassist Chuck Wright, the bass player who recorded many of the songs that were critical successes in the career of the band, as well as guitarist Alex Grossi who had been performing with DuBrow in the recent acclaimed performance schedules that marked the end of his illustrious career. In consideration of the facts, the 2011 performing band of Quiet Riot is in fact the Quiet Riot of years past. These are the musicians who have written, recorded and performed the songs that fans know by heart.

With the blessings of Kevin DuBrow's mother, perhaps the most important facet to Banali for reinstating the band's dominant stage show, members organized the set list and began to rehearse for performances that would ultimately make or break the new direction of Quiet Riot in the first few weeks. The result has been praise, gratitude and appreciation for Frankie on the band's career in memory of Kevin DuBrow, one of rock and rolls most kind, generous and loving rock stars.

Kevin was more than just a singer, songwriter and front man; he was a fan of quality rock and roll and an encyclopedia unto himself of musical knowledge that he was more than ready to discuss with anyone at any time. The music was truly the soul and spirit of Kevin and bringing it to rock ready fans was more than a calling for Kevin, it was a gift he had, and a gift to anyone willing to stand and listen.

So what can an attendee expect from this line-up? If the reviews online have anything to say about it, they can expect to see the energy of MTV style hard rock from the era of long hair, riff rocking and hard driving drumming that made a generation of teens rebel against their parents, their school and their authority figures in the way only true rock and roll can provide! What you have is the true representation of what Kevin DuBrow helped create by assembling the band in its infancy and writing songs that will live in infamy. You have what is Quiet Riot, and so far, as the band's website posts; you have it live through October 2011, and potentially beyond.

For more information on Quiet Riot, the tour schedule and press reviewing the latest events the band has offered, visit http://www.officialquietriot.com. Direct contact with the band's representation, booking and fan base can be found on the pages within the website.

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JoeDolanPR is located in Los Angeles with offices in Boston, MA and the United Kingdom, providing creative PR solutions for newsworthy clients worldwide. For more information, please contact Joe Dolan at http://www.joedolanpr.com, or call 818-742-7719.

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