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New York, NY (PressExposure) March 09, 2009 -- We see men, women and even young people, age, smoking. A study shows that smoking is a major cause of deaths in the world. Many people suffer from diseases such as various types of cancer, heart attacks and more attacks because of smoking.

Now a few questions that are obvious: Why is smoking so addictive? What makes a best friend of tobacco, even when the worst enemy for the health?

It is not the cigarette, nicotine, but the chemical, which lead to dependence. Nicotine is highly addictive as other substances such as cocaine, caffeine or heroin. These substances affect the brain in the same place and have more or less similar effects on the human body - an addiction and harm the human body.

If a person smokes, nicotine with the first smoke penetrates into the respiratory tract. As a result, with the blood, nicotine makes its way into the brain and affects certain cells in the brain. Nicotine causes a feeling of joy in the body, making them good.

At the beginning, it may be signs of rejection, but after some time, the contribution of regular nicotine, the body accepts and demands of nicotine. Thus nicotine, the worst enemy to the health and wellbeing, is himself the best friend of people's lives.

There are many reasons to enjoy what a tobacco. Among the children and young people, maybe it is a fun activity or a one. Among adults, it is with friends, accompanied with the smoke or the smoke from second. Main causes of stress are smoking,Smoking causes a lot of impact. It destroys the entire well-being of the people and pushes them to a premature death. Smoking in the lungs, heart, blood vessels, the fertility in men and women. Smoking by pregnant women at increased risk for the baby. Smoking urges diabetes, osteoporosis, problems with stomach and intestinal problems of the thyroid.

There are many anti-tobacco, as the therapy instead of nicotine (TRN), counseling and smoking in the recent past, the drugs such as Champix can be a blessing, if you really give up smoking.

Champix is a drug for smoking cessation, which helps people to stop smoking, and again a life without addiction. Champix is available on the prescription of medicines for oral use, only after a medical prescription. It helps people to stop smoking, but like all other drugs of this type, he also has side effects.So Consult your doctor befor taking this drug.

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