Coconut Grove, Fl (PressExposure) December 24, 2008 -- Ready Made Business Ventures See New Expansion in Popularity

It seems that the saying “when the going gets tough the tough get going” has found new meaning in the genre of franchise businesses recently and experts credit this growing trend to the recently expanded ranks of the unemployed. As one industry analyst put it at a recent gathering of franchise business owners in Miami, Florida, “There are basically two types of unemployed workers..”

“Those who sit around and wait for things to get better and those who ferret out a viable and functioning business niche and get busy”. Daniel Hamilton, president and CEO of was also able to lend some insight into the growing trend during his keynote presentation at a dinner that was held at the Mirage Casino on the opening night of the gala event.

“People are now discovering just how little money it actually takes to get started in their own successful franchise business today, particularly in the type of business that I represent”. “In fact, with as little as $5000 we can now start a new entrepreneur off with all the equipment and training that they need”. “That's not all though, because we include in that package a ten zip code territory, as well as number one ranked websites in both English and Spanish. We'll also help your own website by giving you listings from 2 other websites within the business.”. See the English site UpholsteryCleaningExperts and the Spanish site LimioMuebles here.

However; franchise business experts do warn that running a franchise business means saying good-by to 9-5 working hours. As one industry analyst put it. “ Sure, the money can be great but more often than not, it means 12-14 hour days and that's often six days a week”. “However; for someone who isn't afraid of long hours and hard work, the right franchise business can be the key to financial success and independence.

One good point that was made by an independent entrepreneur who was also in attendance, was that at least now he “doesn't have to worry about being laid off anymore”. “Also, it sure is nice that finally I'm the boss now, so what I say goes”! In fact, one area that many experts agree on, is that it is being in charge of ones own financial affairs that is one of the primary draws that is attracting more people now to franchise businesses.

Note: Experts who have studied the growing trend in franchise businesses stress that as the US economy becomes more service oriented, businesses that cater to this business sector are predicted to achieve the most growth and stability in the coming future.

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