REITs Expert Introduces Real Estate Stock as a Savings Plan

Southfield, MI (PressExposure) April 23, 2009 -- A real estate networking group recently invited Earl E. Bird, III, to join a panel of real estate investors to answer questions on making money with real estate in today’s economy. Earl has done extensive research in REITs, which are essentially, real estate mutual funds. Earl said, “If you like to save money in the bank you have likely been discouraged to do so today because of very low interest rates. You should consider REITs which is an investment in a company who builds and manages real estate ventures. REIT shares are purchased just like any stock, mutual funds or commodities on the stock market that allow money to grow. The average return on REITs is 6 – 10 percent, which is triple or more what savings accounts or bank CDs are offering. Earl explained how REITs are a strong investment as they are based on tangible assets that will always have value, even if the value fluctuates. Earl said, “Unlike buying real pieces of property, which means investing a large amount of money, management, paperwork and the hassle involved with selling it later; you instead buy and sell shares of REITs, like any other stock, mutual fund or commodities.” Earl has been very successful investing in REITs and he wishes to share his secret of success with others who wish to invest today for a financial secure future. Earl has a blog at with many articles about REITs and real estate mutual funds where investors can learn more.

Contact: Earl E. Bird, III 25900 11 Mile Rd #260 Southfield, MI 48034 877-707-1770

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