RNCOS Releases a New Report - Saudi Arabian Healthcare Market Forecast to 2012

Delhi, India (PressExposure) January 13, 2009 -- RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Saudi Arabian Healthcare Market Forecast to 2012” to its report gallery. According to the new RNCOS report, the Saudi Arabian healthcare market is witnessing rapid growth and will continue to expand exponentially in future. The country’s rapidly increasing population, due to which demand is outpacing supply, can be regarded as the main push for the market. And as the incidences of a number of lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension, in the country amongst the highest in the world, these will significantly boost the healthcare spending in future.

Government plays a central role in providing healthcare services in the kingdom, accounting for around 75% of the total healthcare spending in the country. The government accounted for 67% of the total hospitals and 77% of the total hospital beds in the country in 2006. The government expenditure on healthcare, however, is increasing faster than its total income; as a result, government may resort to cost cutting measures in future.

The report says that due to increasing pressure on the public healthcare system, the government is rapidly promoting the involvement of private healthcare in the country. So big investment will be seen from the private sector in the forecasted period, and according to our estimates, the private sector will account for 62% for all new beds installed during 2006-2012.

However, slump in crude oil prices due to economic recession can hit the nation’s economy. But the fast diversification of the country’s economy into other sectors will provide it a buffer against the severe impact of economic turmoil. Despite some challenges such as shortage of skilled workers, dependency on oil and bureaucratic issues, the market’s future will remain bright with all three sectors - hospital services, pharmaceuticals and medicals devices - expected to show sustained growth.

“Saudi Arabian Healthcare Market Forecast to 2012” gives an extensive and objective analysis on the Saudi Arabian healthcare market. It has segmented the healthcare industry into hospital services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It provides analytical and statistical information on these segments, including their market size, demand, supply, segmentation and key players. It also features an analysis on the future directions, supplemented with facts and figures. Thus, the report serves as a useful guide for healthcare companies, government officials, consultants and investors who are planning to enter the Saudi Arab healthcare market.

Our report provides forecast on

- Macroeconomic indicators - Demographic and healthcare indicators - Healthcare spending - Demand for hospital beds - Pharmaceutical market - Medical devices market

Key questions answered in the report

- Which factors are driving the Saudi Arabia healthcare market? - What is the past and present size of the healthcare market? - What is the role of public and private sectors in providing healthcare? - What is the total supply and demand for hospital services in Saudi Arab? - What will be the demand, investment and infrastructure scenario in the hospital services market? - What is the total size and future outlook of the pharmaceutical market? - Who are the key players operating in the pharmaceutical market? - What is the total size and future outlook of the medical devices market? - What are the key challenges faced by the Saudi Arabia healthcare market?

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