Ram Make A Computer Powerful

, India (PressExposure) July 20, 2008 -- The functioning of the RAM, or Random Access Memory, in a computer is of immense importance. The function of the RAM is mainly storage capacity, as all programs, operating systems, applications and software must be loaded onto the Random Access Memory before they are used. All computer functions rely on the capacity of the RAM. The name of the entity itself, Random Access Memory, shows the various functions and the various aspects with which it is related.

The name explains that all of the things loaded on to the memory can be randomly accessed. Without loading things onto the memory, they cannot be accessed on the computer. Without the RAM, there is nothing that you can do on the computer. A computer without RAM is worth nothing. Nowadays, there are numerous types of RAM that are used in a computer to make it run and work fast.

These different types of RAM are being used based on the importance and urgency of a particular task in the computer. The varieties of RAM that are available are SIMM, SODIMM, DIMM, DRAM, FPM, RDRAM-RIMM, BEDO, DDR SDRAM, and EDO. After the invention of these varieties of RAM, the working of RAM has become even faster than before.

The FPM is commonly known as the Fast Page Mode and is used to access the data located in the same row quickly. Another memory is called SIMM, which is known as the Single In-line Memory Modules. This is used for the same purpose for which the BEDO, DRAM or the EDO are used. The general functions of all of these types of RAM mentioned are basically the same because they ultimately support all computer functions. However, the look of the SIMM is a bit different from the others as there are several chips in this kind of RAM.

The DRAM is known as the Dynamic Access Memory and this is the most familiar type of RAM among all those are present and available. But this is not as powerful as some of the other ones are. The DRAM can hold the memory for a short span of time, while some others can support memory functions for a longer time span. Also, these have to be refreshed constantly or else there is no assurance that the memory to last long. The RAM capacity is measured in bytes and based on this amount only the capacity of the computer is determined. Hence it has also been established that in the absence of the working of RAM, it would have never been possible for a computer to run and to function well.


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