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Boca Raton, Florida (PressExposure) April 29, 2007 -- Experience The Synergistic Power of Combining Our Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems Offered to You Together with Two Bonus Techniques that will Amaze You.

The best protocol is for training concomitantly with both the Remote Viewing and the Remote Influencing Training Systems. You can easily achieve a quantum jump in your inner Creative powers, awareness, intelligence, wisdom, holistic health and biological higher programming.

Many new students combine taking the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems. Studies done at the ARVARI and confirmed by the great deal of feedback received from our trainees, have made it very clear that this is indeed a very powerful combination; much more so than taking the two courses separately. RV skills are greatly enhanced by training with RI and vice - versa.

Another noteworthy finding is that many students report a sudden quantum jump in higher skills upon repeating the combination course for the second or even third or more time through the course. This represents a high plateau of mind operation.

How you can easily achieve a quantum jump in your inner Creative powers, awareness, intelligence, wisdom, holistic health and biological higher reprogramming

We have found after extensive research and testing numerous combinations that there is a best sequence to integrate the two courses that will manifest the most beneficiary results for the students. These results are presented in RV RI Combination Training System Sequence.

We are very excited at the dynamics that the combination of the Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing Training Systems represent. This is an ongoing project. Many students have or are achieving tremendous inner changes and purification of anger and fear caused by deep scars or programming lodged within their inner very deep subconscious realms, and are now exhibiting new positive, strongly optimistic reprogrammed personalities, that automatically reject negative fear-based thinking. They seem to operate, even in their same old surroundings, totally stress -free, convinced that they are fine, protected and that all will work out for the best. Even when fear-based situations are thrown at them, they smile and deflect the negative energy.

And they manifest then happiness and inner peace, first in their immediate reality, and hopefully eventually on a much wider basis. We must say that most of these trainees always mention how they notice high synchronicities in their daily lives, and how fast their dreams are now becoming reality.

This was the original intent of the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems. And we cannot but express our enthusiasm at starting to show great initial success in turning the tide away from the doom-and-gloom, fate based, fear-driven world that many have and are still trying to impose on us, so that we believe ourselves impotent in changing, each of us, our lives, and being able to prove that we can all, by changing- by ourselves- our deep thoughts, experience more happiness, control, true freedom, true democracy, true freewill, and built-in inner care for our fellow humans, and creatures, big and small, on this Divinely gifted magnificent Earth.

Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality and Thought

About Academy Of Remote Viewing And Remote Influencing

The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing has been teaching since 1997 life awareness-enhancement techniques which allow anyone to view and manipulate, by highly energized thought-power alone, the probable quantum fields of future Reality, in an almost magical way. Our training system was the first to reveal the link between the deep Theta(4.5Hz) brainwave state of mind and the ability to access the Universal mind (Delta state).

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