Re-Release Of Magnificent Passage, Kat Martin's Debut Novel

New York, NY (PressExposure) July 09, 2011 -- Kat Martin doesn't fail to impress her readers with her very first novel. The western romance was originally released over two decades back, a feisty rollicking wild ride across rough country. Martin is thrilled at the idea of her debut novel being re-released by Vanguard Press with a striking new cover; but cautiously thrilled, as it was written when bodice rippers with strong men and vulnerable women were the vogue of romance novels.

The plot of the novel is exciting and compelling. A sexy, sensuous and erotic western romance, it enjoys its own element of surprise and charm. The hero is tall, dark, handsome, chivalrous yet insisting: the overpowering essence of manhood. The female lead is beautiful, charming, sensuous, poised, and strong, yet vulnerable. The hero is an all knight in shining armor with the heroine much at his mercy, reluctant to taken, even by a man so handsome and bold, yet burning with desire.

Unlike the modern romances - jump-in-bed-stories, this novel is filled with sexual tension, with a strong presence of conflict and underlying smoldering passion. There are moments of sheer beauty and tinges of subtle romantic humor. The prior success of this book inspired Vanguard Press to re-issue the book in a new way, giving it a classic status.

The novel marked the beginning of a very successful writing career for Martin. The book went on to be a stepping stone to the success of the over 50 novels (many NYT best-sellers) that have followed. Anyone who has read Martin knows what a page turner she writes. She glues the reader to the page till the very end, and leaves you wanting more. Despite being a new writer, this book proved a quintessential beginning; the author entertains and involves, with a wonderful and immensely engaging tale.

The engaging factor is one of the most important reasons as to why the book is being re-issued. Another important factor might be introducing the readers of Kat Martin to her earlier works. It is said that any author produces his/her deepest and most profound lines in their first few works. Martin genuinely hopes that her readers appreciate and love her oldest work of fiction, her earliest victory at writing, and that those reading her for the first time will be lead to her later, more sophisticated works.

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