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Bogor, West Java Indonesia (PressExposure) October 31, 2006 -- After centuries of waiting mustika-pearls are now available to the layman and occult practitioner alike. These mustika-pearls are the magickal stones, crystals and gems described in fairy-tales, folk-lore, legends, and myths. They were prized by royalty, occult practitioners and the elite class of almost all ancient cultures and civilizations. Travellers and naturalists of the past wrote about them, but few researchers were able to actually discover specimens and investigate them from a metaphysical or a scientific perspective. Lots of fakes were made and controversies occured over the centuries regarding them.

These "pearls" described and highy extolled for their power in ancient Hindu scriptures such as the "Garuda Purana," were utilized for the abundant magickal prana or chi that permeated them. It is believed that fairy-spirits also dwell within these mustika pearls thus conferring additional powers to the stones. These mystical energies and forces that mustika-pearls possess are treasured for their talismanic virtues of luck-attraction; for their power to ward-off negative spirits, forces, entities, black-magick, psychic attacks, etc. Also for their healing properties and the development of charm, attractiveness, and commanding presence within their keeper. There have also been reports of of mustika-pearl users of striking the lottery not long after acquiring a specimen. Some say that certain of these mustika-pearls also makes the physical body invulnerable to sharp weapons and bullets--one reason why many warriors, knights and martial-artists of the past wore them around their necks or torso. When mustika-pearls became scarce, ordinary crystals and gemstones were employed as substitutes instead but with much less efficacy.

But what are these mustika-pearls? Mustika pearls are related to bezoar stones and some of them are of the latter. However, whereas bezoar stones are said to develop in the digestive system of animals as a result of some pathology, mustika-pearls are believed to form as a result of an overabundance of supernatural power that alpha-animals of any given species possess--and their formation is not confined to any particular internal organ as they can develop anywhere at all--even underneath the hood, in the case of cobras.

Indonesia seems to have an abundance of these mustika-pearls for the reason that her shamans are proficient in their acquisition from the haunts of Nature. A whole new field of study has just emerged and collectors of minerals and stones will have another interesting subject to explore. Occult workers and New-Age goers would be delighted to find an ancient science and technology once again available as supplementary tools for their spiritual work.

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