ReGenesis 2x2 Activates Obamas Stimulus Plan on Big Pay Outs

Charlotte, NC (PressExposure) June 04, 2009 -- When people are contacted regarding ReGenesis they are directed to listen to an information line and view the fax-on-demand. Then one of the company Sales Associates will follow-up to answer questions and to recruit them into the business, sponsoring 2 under each Commission Center you have!

You will earn $1,200 Net Per 2x2 Commission Center Per Month, including 100% Matching Bonuses!

You can have an unlimited number of Commission Centers. But for this example, we will assume you start with 1 Commission Center.

You join by filling out an application, writing a $325 check for one Commission Center, and sending the application and check by priority mail to the company.

The Automatic Recruiting System recruits 2 people for you and you become their sponsor. This completes your front line of 2.

The Automatic Recruiting System recruits 2 people for each of your 2 front line members and this completes your second line of 4.

You get a royalty check for $400 and are recycled to begin a new Commission Center in your sponsor's currently open center.

The Automatic Recruiting System recruits 4 second line for your former first line. This completes their income centers

They each get a royalty commission of $400 and you get $800 in matching bonuses! They are then recycled to the next open position in your new center.

The Follow Me Recycling Provision insures each Commission Center repeats this process over and over. The 2 personally sponsored under you by the company follow you and bring their 2 each, continually filling your new center!

Once the Automatic Recruiting System kicks in, you will be receiving $1,200 a month per income center with zero personal recruiting.

Now you can, if you wish, increase your monthly income by using part of your $1200 income to purchase one or more additional Commission Centers each month and/or doing active recruiting yourself. Either way, you are leveraging a one time amount into an infinite income!

Each person you personally recruit earns you an additional $400 a month.

Each new commission center earns you an additional $1,200 a month. Add a new center each month with part of your earnings and in 6 months your income will be $8,400 a month with no personal recruiting whatsoever!

Find out more by: Listening to the 24/7 Information Call: 800-676-8530. Calling up the Fax On Demand: 800-621-1987. Watching this great video on the pay system.

You can Access the Application right now. Fill it out on line before you print it, Be sure to resize the page with your browser to print on a standard size paper before printing.

To speed things up, you can fax the application and a copy of your check to the company before mailing it by priority mail.

Please insure the application shows:

John Singletary as sponsor name. as sponsor email 18804 as sponsor ID

There are no recurring payments. You make a one time payment, $300 per commission center plus a $25 registration fee, to join. Then receive monthly returns to infinity!

As your sponsor, I usually help my members with $100 towards sign up fees. It's my way of helping out and showing you I will help you as much as I can.

Contact: John Singletary Charlotte, NC 704 733-7677 []


To speed things up, you can fax the application and a copy of your check to the company before mailing it by priority mail.

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