Real Estate Stock Investors Meet with Expert to Discuss REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds

Southfield, MI (PressExposure) April 22, 2009 -- At a recent real estate investors’ meeting, Earl E. Bird, III, introduced REITs and real estate mutual funds to the group. A small group was eager to learn more as they gathered at the back of the room to study the website. They over stayed their visit to the point that the hotel management had to ask them to leave. Earl agreed to meet for lunch and discuss REITs some more and to answer any questions the investors might have. They were wondering what the “catch” was; whether there were any disadvantages to investing in real estate mutual funds. Earl said, “Like all types of investing, some risk is involved; however, I’m confident that REITs and real estate mutual funds will always show steady growth, even if the growth is slow at times.” When asked if there were costs associated with investing in a real estate mutual fund, Earl explained, “Yes, with every mutual fund, you will incur some expenses. When you purchase a real estate mutual fund there are three expenses you should be familiar with. Loads are fees charged either when you purchase a mutual fund, known as front-end loads, or when you sell a mutual fund, known as back-end loads. These loads are used to pay an agent his commission. Redemption fees are stipulations indicating that if you sell your mutual fund before a specified date, you will be charged a fee. Operating expenses are fees charged as a normal part of doing business for the fund. The management fees go to pay the fund manager for his expertise. They also cover advertising and distribution expenses.” As the meeting progressed, Earl explained how all types of investors at all levels, find real estate mutual funds to be an excellent investment to have in their portfolio. Investing is REITs and real estate mutual funds is quite simple; just visit the for easy, step-by-step instructions to filling out your personal and business portfolio to get started. is an online brokerage specializing In REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds – The first and only site dedicated to REITs Real Estate Mutual Funds. This is a place for the small investor to own a piece of world class real estate.

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