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Winnipeg, Canada (PressExposure) January 26, 2012 -- Real Free Energy is a new information site which discusses current environmental changes and how these changes are effecting human consciousness.

On this website I discuss the benefits of free energy. This is an information site about new technology. Other topics of relevance are of the evolution of conciseness and how each person's life is touched at this point in history by certain environmental and human upgrades.

The torus functions on a mathematical structure a pattern in nature that has been imbedded in arts and icons throughout the centuries. This code holds the key to a new source of clean and sustainable energy that could completely revolutionize the way all people live. This pattern holds the keys to a world that works for everyone.

Today inventors are using the torus dynamic as the basis for devises that generate energy without combustion. This revolutionary development which accesses zero point, radiant or free energy are now being called new energy technologies. These technologies tap energy like a windmill would gain energy from the wind, or a solar panel would absorb energy from sunlight. 

With these technologies energy is extracted from the space around us, which means it cannot be metered. That is a direct threat to the signal largest industry in the world, energy. That's means no more Exxon Mobil, oil, coal or linear transmission of electricity, which is power lines. All this would be gone. Unfortunately, this is a 200 trillion dollar industry.

The proven coal, gas and oil reserves are worth north of two hundred trillion dollars. This information coming out, would change geo political power more than anything else in recorded human history and it would happen in one generation.

Currently, these new technologies are just that, new technologies. The majority of the population do not have access to these new technologies. However, what we all have is natural energy and sunlight. Both these resources can be harnessed to fulfill many of our basic human needs, such as energy and food.

How can we make changes in our lives that can put us more in line with the torus?

By tapping this life force we take the first step of working with this universal energy, rather than against it.

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