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London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) May 14, 2009 -- How Important Is Web Directory Submission To Webmasters And Internet Marketers? Becoming a successful webmaster or Internet marketer can be extremely rewarding and as well as daunting when you do not have the required skills. Submitting your website to relevant directories is a way of building "backlinks", a premium factor of Search Engine Optimization. Webmasters and Internet marketers have all realized and embraced the importance of building back-links as one of the major criteria used as a yardstick towards building some of the most powerful SEO blocks when done sensitively and properly. However, modeling your internet marketing venture or project while learning from someone with a deep inside and proven track record within the SEO industry to build basic SEO skills with continues research into your desired field of Internet marketing can provide you with a mind blowing profitable project.

Owning a website and successfully managing that website is completely another skill that could require a PHD before getting into this fierce search engine position war of the financially rich and those with Search Engine Optimization skills. Marketing a website and achieving a good or better ranking on Yahoo, Google, MSN and other search engines is the same like an elephant trying to pass through the eye of a needle to those new to Internet marketing and Search engine optimization. Stanley Mathew, African-British is one of those Internet Marketing Gurus with a deep knowledge and practically experienced in Search Engine Optimization, showing other Internet marketers and webmasters the art of "White-hat Internet Marketing".

I meet Stanley in 2008 at under the pen-name "Stanleyuroy". He'd been practicing SEO and empowered by Aaron Wall the Author of SEOBOOK. Initially I'd wanted to get into internet marketing and had not figured out from where to start and without any relevant background experience. Primarily I'd approached Aaron Wall but my financial portfolio was way back too low to even make offer. Stanley had asked a question that related to a professional seal ( and I immediately realized, he eventually had the skills and approached him. With the help of MSN messenger, I learned how to successfully market my website on the Internet within 5days using step by step tutoring that led me to what items to sell, how to build a site for any purpose, how to market any website and where to market the site(s) on the Internet.

However, submitting your website to web directories and search engines is not enough to become a successful Internet webmaster or marketer. The bottom line is that; you need to have organic traffic on your website and this is one of the very main factors for a website to succeed on the Internet. Traffic alone is still not what we are looking for as aspiring or practicing Internet Marketers. We need to provide products and or services that are in demand or else create demand for such product and or services. To become successful as a web marketer, you'd need to consider your website being the doors of "Hollywood" that almost anyone in the world would certainly fancy to pass through and will be delighted become part of. Hollywood offers Actors, Script Writers, Film Directors, etc the opportunity to make and earn a name or a living. Ask yourself this question, "What have I then to offer to Internet users and consumers"?

Once you have the answer to what you have to offer, then you would need to consider what to do, before, after and during the website creation. A plan is what you need to get on the move. A basic functional web development plan should include;-

· The appearance of your front page - You need an eye catching and attractive front page (consider your front page as a beautiful exotic lady)

· What product(s) or Services to offer - New Internet Marketers should aim at offering only a single brand of product or services.

· Methods of organic traffic - You'd need to outline various strategies to drive-in traffic. (blogs, forums, press release, word of mouth, search engines, and other advertising methods)

· Search Engines and Web Directories - You'd need to need to submit your website to search engine and web directories. There are three options available that includes free directories, paid directories and reciprocal link exchange directories. You'd need a list inventory.

· Link Building Strategies - This is one of the biggest task and also very complex. You'd need a good understanding on link building processes. More info visit

· Intended audiences - You'd need to know where and who your customers are.

· Resource - You need to allocate all the resources needed for the smooth running and management of the website.

· Keywords - You'd need to know what sort of words and phrases internet users would probably type into a search engines' search box, e.g. yahoo, Google, MSN etc. It is good practice to target also misspelled words and poor grammar. Not everyone in the world is literate including English, German, French, Dutch etc

· Copy writing - Bear in mind that, internet users hardly read all the sales content you offer to them. They scan from top to bottom and left to right. You'd need to strategically write your copy based on this behavior. You'd need brainstorming keyword resources gearing your research towards your chosen market or niche product.

· Finally, you'd need to summarize your plan base on WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW.

Any standards compliant website with a beautiful and attractive front page design will undoubtedly lure potential internet users to become customers provided the site can be searched and found on the search the search engines. Being found on the search engines is still not enough if not on the first two pages of the search engines for the keyword search of your site. There are a couple of better and excellent keyword tools out there for free, trial and paid versions. Recommended keyword tools include;




Well researched keywords and on-page strategic SEO optimization is the right move forward towards achieving better results from your website project or venture. However, keyword stuffing can be punishable with the death of your website and its' immediately burial by the search engines as well as the so called "Black-hat SEO". Developing niche markets, businesses or marketing category products is only way forward if you are not a specialist search engine optimizer and interested in achieving success on the Internet. The reason is that; it becomes very easy to optimize a website that sells only "Shoes", "Computers", "Underwear's", and "Socks" etc as compared to selling a mixture of all. Following these basic ideologies as a new or intermediate Internet marketer, you will eventually push your website to the top of the search engines for your key phrases provided you did arrive at effective keywords relevant to your site. Again, good keywords and on page SEO alone is still not enough to bring in the success Internet marketers are out to achieve with their web presence. There are still other SEO factors needed to achieve good rankings and one of the major factors is "INBOUND LINKS".

Inbound links or link popularity is one of the main factors you'd need to pay special attention to when starting on your journey to Internet marketing to help enhance your web visibility based on your sites' main keywords. Best practice that led to better search engines placements is to link to sites that are offering the same products or almost the same with a minimum Google page rank of 1/10 . You'd need to submit your website to Web directories and allow major search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN to naturally find and index your website. Instead of spending time to submit your website to search engines, your best bet will be to manually submit your website to as many Free website directories, Directory of directories, PR releases and Articles to articles to general, specialist or niche directory like;

· Real Free Teevi Web Directory - Free, reciprocal link optional

· Littlewebdirectory - Free, Reciprocal link optional

· Webmasters Internet Experience Web Directory - Free, Paid, Reciprocal link optional

· Ezinearticles - Free and Paid

· PRweb - Premium service

· Etc

Backlinks or Inbound links are therefore a major factor of SEO because a dominant and most searched "search engine" like Google will credit websites with relevant quality inbound links and consider them more relevant than many others for a search query relevant to the keyword or phrase. Writing PR releases, Articles and submitting those articles and PR releases to high traffic websites will surely your link popularity.

You may want to use PPC but you will need to spend as well as ready to learn. PPC brings your ads only when a matching search string has been entered and executed on the search box. Google will take your products and or services to the "user" just when the "user" is searching for what you and your competitors are selling to choose which ever is of interest to them. You will find these PPC Ads above the main search page and Right Side Bar of Google website. Monitor every move to determine what has been spent and how much has been sold. This will give you a better understanding on your PPC campaign activity. A successful PPC campaign that is powerful with a strong call to action is primarily based and relies on "good subject headings" and "sales copy". You should never go beyond your budget if you are not an expert and knows what you are doing.

Mr. Stanley Mathew is a seasoned Drupal Website Designer, SEO Freelancer dedicated to helping webmasters and Internet marketers to achieve their Internet marketing goals and desires. He will set any aspiring Internet Marketers with a series of step-by-step tutorials on an individual level and they are easy to follow which is all we both need to become successful Internet Marketers.


Real Free Teevi Web Directory is your Free of charge premium SEO optimized web directory that is human edited, Free from spam and does not required reciprocal links but such links are appreciated when implemented. However websites submitted on the wrong category will be deleted without prior notice.

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