Reality Creation 101 - Mastering Manifestation Through Awareness

Oakland, California (PressExposure) February 19, 2009 -- "As everyone is more than well aware, there has been a growing economic crisis in the US and perhaps the world at large. I personally know people who have suffered, lost their job, and are desperately trying to put the pieces together. It seems as if everyone has suffered to some degree. And yet, maybe not."

RealityCreation101 is a book about unearthing and healing your unconscious so that you may become a conscious creator. We've all seen or heard about The Secret by now, a pop culture movie on how to utilize the law of attraction and manifest your dream life. But, why isn't it working? Why are so many people now irritated and grumpy about The Secret?

The reason why it's a little bit harder to create what you want by simply wishing it to be so is because there is this whole other aspect to your beingness, it resides within your subconscious mind. This aspect is referred to as the unconscious, or unconscious mind. Within the unconscious reside all of your limiting beliefs and emotional wounds from the past. Since we're all aware that you create your reality within the parameter of your beliefs, then you have to look at your beliefs if your not able to create what you want.

The reason it's called the unconscious is because you are not aware of what's inside of it. Your unconscious mind contains all of the reasons why it's hard to achieve all of the things that you want to achieve. If you are wanting to utilize the law of attraction, but deep down inside do not believe that it will work for you, then it wont.

Instead of fighting against yourself, fighting your own emotional wounds and limiting beliefs, I have a better idea. Why not release and allow your trapped emotional energy, in the form of emotional wounds and beliefs, out of your body? You will find out that it's a lot easier than trying to force yourself to believe something that you just don't believe.

In Reality Creation 101, you will be given all of the tools to consciously and purposefully create your life the way you want it. Through the story of the author, and his own personal struggle with metaphysics and manifestation, and real life lessons, you will gain a greater understanding on how to master your Reality Creation.

This means an end to vicious relationship cycles, dead end jobs, financial hardship, ill health, and extreme emotional stress. What this book will help you do is get rid of all of the things that are blocking your health, wealth, and happiness. This book will demonstrate how it's actually easier to allow your dream life to manifest rather than force it to.

About Holisticfitness4U

Christopher A. Pinckley is a spiritual writer utilizing integral mind/body practices that have proven to heal aspects of the unconscious mind and elevate self awareness. He has been a professional personal trainer and rehabilitative specialist for the last 12 years and is now a full time writer.

Having worked through many difficult life lessons, homelessness, chronic aches and pains in his body, financial crisis, and emotional pain, Christopher has developed an ability to empathize with the reader. His message is that if he can do it, you can too. He feels that no one, in any situation, should be left without the tools for change.

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