Recent Medical Review Of Colonoscopy Exams Yields Surprising Results

Seattle, Washington (PressExposure) January 06, 2009 -- Improper or Inadequate Colon Cleansing Linked to Flawed Examinations

The results from a recent study conducted by medical researchers at the American College of Gastroenterology have recently been compiled and they have turned out to be quite surprising. The study was undertaken to asses the tangible results that a colonoscopy actually has on reducing ones chances of dying from colon cancer.

What the study found, was that precancerous polyps in the left side of the colon can be easier to detect then those on the right side for two reasons and improper colon cleaning was found to be one of them. What this means in short, is that far too many patients were not undergoing a complete colon cleansing procedure prior to the exam.

The other reason given for flawed colonoscopy results that were detected in the study, was the nature of colon polyps in both sides of the colon. This all came as some surprise to the medical community, which as a whole has always relied on colonoscopy results as being far more accurate then it turns out they can be if proper colon cleaners are not used.

As it turns out, precancerous polyps on the right side of the colon tend to protrude out more then those on the left, which tend to be of a lower profile. Thus, left side polyps can be mistaken for being less developed or completely missed all together in the colonoscopy exam, which as it turns out is far too often the case.

In a recent interview regarding the study, the president of American College of Gastroenterology, Dr. Eamonn Quigley made it clear that proper patient preparation prior to an exam is crucial for optimal results. “While the colonoscopy is not perfect, the physicians at the American College of Gastroenterology are committed to making a good test even better”.

He also pointed out that “patients can take steps to maximize the colonoscopy's potential”. He of course was referring to the data that was gathered during the course of the study that pointed directly to proper colon cleaning being crucial for accurate results in a colonoscopy exam.

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