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Brampton, Canada (PressExposure) April 17, 2011 -- Recover Files from SSD drive - with the data recovery software, recommended by Microsoft(R) corp. This program can recover data from SSD drive, undelete data from Solid State Drive, recover files from drives of other types: recover files from hard drive, restore data from memory card.

How to recover files from SSD drive? How can I get SSD recovery software? How do I undelete data from SSD, hard drive or memory card?

All lost files can be recovered with the data recovery software. SSD recovery, hard drive recovery, memory card recovery, xD recovery and MMC recovery - all is possible to recover with the data recovery software.

Recover Files - Everywhere:

~ Recover files from SSD drive (Solid State Drive)

~ Restore data from Hard disk drive (HDD recovery)

~ Undelete data from Memory card (memory card recovery)

~ xD card recovery (xD card recovery software)

~ MMC card recovery (MMC recovery program)

A solid state disk / drive (SSD) - is electrically, mechanically and software compatible with a conventional (magnetic) hard disk.

The difference is that the storage medium is not magnetic (like a hard disk) or optical (like a CD) but solid state semiconductor such as battery backed RAM, RRAM, PRAM or other electrically erasable RAM like non volatile memory chip such as flash.

This provides faster access time than a hard disk, because the SSD data can be randomly accessed in the same time whatever the storage location. The SSD access time does not depend on a read/write interface head synchronising with a data sector on a rotating disk. The SSD also provides greater physical resilience to physical vibration, shock and extreme temperature fluctuations. SSDs are also immune to strong magnetic fields which could sanitize a hard drive.

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Recover Files - everywhere with the software, created by Recover Files, LLC. This program can recover files from hard disk drive, recover lost files from camera, MP3 music player and camcorder. Even more - recover files from damaged hard disks, scratched CD / DVD / Blu ray disks, unreadable memory devices.

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