Regenesis 2x2 - Automated Recruiting System - Is This the Future of Network Marketing?

San Antonio, Texas (PressExposure) June 14, 2009 -- Numerous Articles have been written about why Traditional Network Marketing nn Business Owners Fail at alarmingly high levels.

A number of problems common to the various MLM business models are 1. Recruiting; 2. Marketing; 3. Lead Generation; 4. Monthly Auto ship fees; and 5. Retention.

So as no one thinks I'm trying to hide the ball or pull a fast one, I want to let everyone know that I joined the ranks of Independent Business Owners in Regenesis 2x2 two days ago. However, I will attempt to skip the traditional self serving "Hype" and or "Sales Tactics." I endeavored to keep it neutral. I'll merely present the issues as I believe them to be and let you, my trusty readers decide for yourselves.

Regenesis 2x2 launched in January of this year. It is a multi level marketing company unlike any of the other companies this writer has seen.

Typically, well over 90% of network marketers fail in their business attempts. Traditionally the main reasons I've seen listed are that: 1. the marketers could not recruit enough prospects to make their business a going concern; 2. they also encountered difficulty or were unsuccessful in their marketing efforts; 3. they failed because they didn't have enough quality leads; 4. the cost of monthly auto ships were prohibitively high; and 5. because of the previous 4 listed reasons and others the average small marketers have problems retaining their members.

Essentially, if your in business for yourself and can't recruit, market, generate leads cover your monthly overhead expenses, or retain your recruits, then the "Gods of Network Marketing" are probably not going to hand you an olive branch and give you the keys to the Gates of "Network Marketing Heaven" or anoint you as an "Internet Guru."

Let's take the issues one at a time. From what I've read Regenesis 2x2 has created an Automated Recruiting System to address the a fore mentioned recruiting problem many people seem to have. It's my understanding that within two weeks of joining Regenesis 2x2 recruits two people and places them in your down line. As far as I know, this is the only company that does that. You won't get rich with only two in your down line, but it's arguably a good start. I plan to actively recruit, in an effort to make more money.

While researching Regenesis 2x2 I read that the company has an active recruiting system that it uses to Market itself and then sign prospects up and place them in each members down line. So essentially, it could be said that if you actively recruit prospects you could be competing against the company's efforts. I imagine the trade off is that two recruits are placed in your down line with no effort on your part. Additionally, the company will place two recruits in each of their downlines as well.

A major problem that leads to many peoples failure in network marketing is the lack of quality leads. If you can't generate enough leads or prospects, your future in network marketing isn't all that bright. Once again, it's my understanding that within two weeks of joining a member gets 300 leads. Although, its not an endless stream of leads that all net workers dream of, it appears to be a good start.

I've been in the Network Marketing Industry for a good while and have heard more than one person complain about the high cost of monthly auto ship requirements of most companies. I've always figured that you have to spend a certain amount of money as operating expense every month. However, many people drop out when they are unable to cover their monthly auto ship fees. In Regenesis 2x2 there is a one time fee of $ 300 Dollars for a commission center and a one time set up fee of $ 25. So once again Regenesis 2x2 seems to have addressed the problem of autoship expenses.

In typical home based businesses, the attrition rate are high. For the reasons mentioned and many others, independent business owners fail to retain their recruits and any initial success they had slowly erodes as each recruit falls by the way side.

As I mentioned before, I've been in the home business game a while now and haven't seen a company before that appears to address all these issues. I've been in ReGenesis 2x2 less than a week, so I don't have all the answers yet, however, I'm going to jump in feet first, actively recruit and see where it takes me.

Stay tuned for more reports, or if you want to get more information on this opportunity now, keep reading.

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