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Sebastian, FL (PressExposure) May 27, 2009 -- [] is a home based business based on the strategies of the Regenesis Prosperity system and delivers instant internet income to its members. The marketing strategies built into Regenesis Prosperity work without the time consuming creation of a product or service to offer. The marketing strategies focus on speed, automation, and team leverage to deliver instant internet income and build wealth for the team members almost immediately. The home-based business entrepreneur struggling to get ideas or find a niche can join the Pay It Forward team, and launch their own business earning instant internet income simply by building a list of qualified prospects and paying customers. Prospects and customers, that may prove even more profitable in future products or service offerings as well.

The 3 key aspects of the Regenesis Prosperity System team’s operation that deliver instant internet income are low cost, automation and team leverage. These prime mover advantages combine to deliver that instant internet income without any knowledge or prerequisites of the new team member who joins. Taking a look at each aspect individually reveals how they deliver the instant internet income to the team members so effectively.

LOW COST: The entry cost for anyone joining the Regenesis Prosperity system is relatively small compared to any other internet marketing or physical business. A mere $325 gets a team member enrolled, and this one time fee keeps them part of the system for the entire of the team. The low cost not only makes it easier for the new team member to earn instant internet income, but it increase the conversion rate of other prospects into new team members. No other internet business can deliver the complete set of internet marketing strategies and complete Regenesis Prosperity system for such a low onetime cost. This is the first key advantage to the Regenesis Prosperity system team. In the event that even the $325 start up cost is too much, the concept of Pay It Forward in fact allows other team members to help sign up the new team member at zero cost when they commit to taking some of their instant internet income from their first “cycle” to Pay It Forward for other prospects in similar circumstances. This increases the conversion and the instant internet income that is to be made by the team.

AUTOMATION: Part of the unique marketing strategy of the Regenesis Prosperity system is the simple fact that you need to accomplish very minimal “recruiting” to make instant internet income. The “get 2 to get 2” (or 2 x 2) approach makes the generation of instant internet income possible without extensive selling and recruiting (something that many multi-level marketing, or MLM, businesses require). The Regenesis Prosperity system and CSG Global Prosperity Group remove that requirement and make the business very straight forward to get started. The automatic re-enrollment feature of the Regenesis Prosperity system rapidly increases the instant internet income produced.

TEAM LEVERAGE: The most powerful aspect of the Regenesis Prosperity and Pay It Forward approach is the power of leverage from the whole team. Each team member only needs to fill their own 2x2 matrix, however the Regenesis Prosperity system teaches overall proven lead generation marketing techniques. Once set up, each team member has their own lead generators working to constantly attract new team members. Once their own 2 x 2 matrix is filled, each new person they bring on, goes to fill an open slot on someone else’s matrix. This team leverage, results in team member’s matrices filling very quickly and delivering instant internet income to everyone. Remembering the automation from above, as each new team member cycles for the first time (with all that help from the team of the rest of the team) they trigger a cascading series of cycles for the whole rest of the team up the line. As the line grows bigger and bigger, there are more slots to fill, however the team leverage increases just as quickly.

It is hard to conceive of a system that takes better advantage of these positive concepts individually and then combines them into a powerful force for instant internet income and long term wealth creation.

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CSG Global Prosperity Group is a Sebastian, FL based online wealth building company that builds upon the Pay It Forward concept to help people find their own attraction marketing business and achieve their dreams. By helping others, they know they can achieve their own goals. For more information on the proven attraction marketing business approach, visit the website []

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