"Relax, We Are Only Visiting This Planet", By Willem Naude

, London United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 28, 2008 -- "Relax, we are only visiting this planet" is a fresh, new approach to a very old dilemma, namely: why are there so many questions with unsatisfactory answers about the purpose of our existence on Planet Earth? Willem Naude struggled with this dilemma, both on the scientific level of 'trying to help another', within the medical and complimentary healing worlds, as well as on a personal level of 'needing to understand'.

Willem Naude started his journey as a conventional general medical practitioner in a remote village in South Africa, where he could not rely on advanced technology. This led to the discovery of the power of suggestion and the inherent ability of the individual to heal through the psycho-dynamics of belief.

He stated in his book, that: "The way life was presented to me did not make much sense and I felt the need to challenge the consensus reality of humanity". This challenge took him on a journey to explore the subconscious thoughts patterns, which emerged during the work with many patients in hypnotherapy. It led to the discovery of the central theme of the paradox, as a simplified clarity of understanding the 'bigger picture'. This paradox of understanding took him to take a different vantage point of making sense of suffering, where disease becomes the teacher, and not the enemy.

This central theme is played by the archetype of Sir Paradox, as the one with the answers, to guide us on our process of learning how to become 'co-creator beings'. Central concepts are challenged, like: the opposite of life is not death, the opposite of love is not hate and in the greater scheme of things, nothing ever goes wrong, only differently.

The book covers aspect of purpose, by discussing the possibility that we are not alone in the universe and that Planet Earth is not in the centre of the universe. The idea that we belong to a much greater world of 'multi-dimensional existence' is presented through the different chapters of the book.

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