Renown US Booking Agency Making Music History with New Signees

Jacksonville, Florida (PressExposure) September 26, 2007 -- Renown US Booking Agency Making Music History with New Signees...

Making music history is nothing new for the brilliant CEO of the highly esteemed T&T Management and Booking Agency, Tony Saldano. In fact, he has done so many times over.

He has either organized and/or taken part in such events as the Rock 4 Life Concerts, by himself or with his partner for the Rock 4 Life, Jay Frey from Paradise Artists; organized not one, but a series of concerts, benefiting the people and animal victims of Hurricane Katrina, organized countless massive memorable multi-band tours such as "The Bad Boys of Southern Rock " concerts of 2006, (featuring 9 such legendary world renown acts as The Marshall Tucker Band, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Georgia Satellites, Ghost Riders, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Classic Southern Rockers, and just to make it even more interesting, added such great acts as Fog Hat, Pat Travers and Former Bad Company's lead vocalist Brian Howe), and has helped launch the careers of a number of today's top artists. ...And that is just in the short 2 years that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with him and the great staff at T&T Management & Booking Agency, as a friend and business alliance, booking agent at T&T, and through my own company, (MINDSWEEP Entertainment - & Promotions). As a PR, press and media relations specialist at my own company, I can personally attest that there is never a shortage of exciting news worthy events happening at the offices of T&T Management & Booking Agency. Watching Tony make music history is not exactly "news" for those of us who have the pleasure of working with him to witness. We witness it often enough that it becomes 'just another day at the office' at times. But, the work Tony Saldano and the team at T&T have going on now, is definitely exciting enough to inspire even the busiest, overworked music industry writer to write about!

Recently, T&T Management & Booking Agency has added to their already impressive and immense roster (of 300 plus world renown artists), 8 new artists/bands who are either already legendary in status, or are the highest of quality of up coming artists/bands. The hard working team at T&T Management & Booking Agency, has been busy putting the careers in the music industry of T&T's new signees on the lauch pad of success with promotional campaigns and setting up and booking them on tours with other world renown artists to bringing to audiences everywhere, THE hottest bands on the rise in the music industry today, who are destined to become future legends, and are either taking, or are RE-taking the music industry by storm. Without further ado, it is my distinct pleasure to turn you on to them, and what the great team at T&T Management & Booking Agency have in the works for them.


TGZ, the first of the new signess signed to T&T Management & Booking Agency's roster, is an incredibly tight, and extremely vesatile 9 piece band, that consists of former members of several of the highest regarded bands in music history, such as The Allman Brothers Band, The Dickey Betts Band, Atlantic Star, Peaches & Herb, Sandford & Townsend and more, all in one great band!

With such diverse musical backgrounds by the members of TGZ, adds massive amounts broad marketing and audience appeal, and is quickly and steady gaining an immense worldwide fan base by incorporating their diverse musical backgrounds, into both their studio work on their brand new CD, "Living Dangerously", (on King Mojo Records), and within their live performances, which makes for a very action packed show. Covering several genres, ranging from Rock, Jazz, Soul, Blues, R&B, and more, TGZ leaves the listener with never knowing what to expect next, delivered with nothing less than outstanding musicianship by a mind blowing mixture of world class performers.

TGZ's band members are:

* "Dangerous" Dan Toler on Guitar~ (The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman and Friends and The Dickey Betts and Great Southern).

* "Scary" Ron Gary on Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion and Vocals~ (Webster Young and Tom Browne).

* Ed Zinner on Guitar~ (Ed was also the Producer and Executive Producer of this CD).

* Avon Lucas on Bass~ (Atlantic Star and Peaches and Herb).

* John Townsend, Vocals and Songwriting~ (Sanford & Townsend).

* Tony Green on Vocals~ (Incredible rising vocalist).

* Matt Zeiner on Keyboards~ (Dickey Betts & Great Southern).

* John McKnight is a lead footed force to be reckoned with on Drums~

* Floyd Miles on Vocals and Percussion~ (The Universals, Clarence Carter, The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman and Friends, and through his own successful solo career as a musician).

The agents at T&T Management & Booking Agency are busy lining up both a US and European tour to promote TGZ and their excellent new CD "Living Dangerously", which is, in the opinion of quite a few of the top execs in the music industry, a serious contender for album of the year. TGZ will be touring with other world renown headlining bands such as Ghost Riders, who are also comprised of former members of legendary bands such as The Outlaws, Pure Prairie League, The Knack, The Henry Paul Band and other greats; which makes for some red hot shows that will be packing the house at better venues across the US and Europe and perhaps even beyond on this exciting upcoming tour which is titled "The Back to the Rock/Living Dangerously Tour", which is named after the titles of both band's new CD releases.

Though TGZ already consists of several legendary former performers from some of the world's most legendary bands, together, they are they are on the verge of taking the music industry by storm in a number of genres, and are destined to become one of the world's next legendary bands.


...Now here's a hot ticket! Remember when Aerosmith hit the music scene wide open in the early 70's and reached legendary status and have remained rocking steady ever since? (Of course you do!) Well, what Aerosmith were to the seventies, a number of music industry execs agree in predicting that Shameless will be in the 2000's and for decades to come! This is one red hot, hard rocking band! Shameless has vowed to bring 'real rock & roll' back to the music industry, and are doing just that, with their outstanding original material, and their own brand of great hard rocking classic rock style, which reminds listeners with a quickness what real rock & roll is all about.

Shameless was recently signed exclusively with T&T Management & Booking Agency, where Tony Saldano and other agents have been busy working on securing dates for Shameless to perform in yet another one of Mr. Saldano's legendary tours, the "80's Hot & Heavy Tour" where Tony Saldano and the staff at T&T will be vastly broadening Shameless' recognition by having them perform along side of such world renown headliners as Ampage, Def Leppard, Jackyl, Cinderella, Great White, Poison, Ratt, Skid Row, Spinal Tap, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, and Slaughter, where audiences can witness for themselves, and take part in music industry history being made with the launching of this future legendary band on up coming appearances on this tour, and other dates in which T&T has in the works.

Q Public~

Q Public is another one of the fastest rising bands in the music industry today. This great band from the American heartland, (Minneapolis, Minnesota), is gaining in national recognition at the speed of sound, large due to the immensly broad marketing and audience appeal because of their extreme amount of versatility in their music, and the high quality of the musicianship they deliver both on stage and in the studio. Q Public delivers to their fans a fresh new and original sound ranging in the genres of hard rock, rock, pop and alternative, gaining large amounts of airplay on mainstream, internet and college radio stations everywhere. Every track on Q Public's new CD, "Bedroom Light" (on Atomic K Records), is "radio perfect" material, which radio stations everywhere are discovering every day. Even faster than they are gaining airplay, Q Public is gaining fans, and are expected to rise to the top in the music industry very quickly within the next few years to become one of the next 'household words' of great bands in the near future.

T&T Management & Booking Agency and other executive alliances are helping to make that happen, as T&T has paired Q Public up on a brand new tour with well known 80's band, A Flock of Seagulls, who have recently reformed and are making a comeback with a brand new CD; as well as aligning Q Public to perform with many other world renown headlining rock and/or alternative bands on T&T's massive roster, (as Q Public is the perfect fit as an outstanding co-headliner/opening act complimententing just about any headlining act in the genres of rock, hard rock or alternative), which will bring Q Public's live performance experience to fans everywhere their tour takes them, and gain multitudes of new fans along the way.

Joseph Patrick Moore~

Though T&T Management & Booking Agency has plenty of it, it's not all just great face melting rock n' roll and urban on their roster... T&T is that agency that truly knows what it is all about in the entertainment industry. Providing THE BEST in high quality entertainment to all people of great musical taste, everywhere.

For the many fans that appreciate the fun, yet sophisticated sound of progressive jazz, T&T Management & Booking Agency has just recently signed to their roster, one of the hottest artists of the genre, Atlanta's own, Joseph Patrick Moore.

Renown not only for his extreme prowess on bass, for which he is well respected both by fans and by some of the music industry's most elite performers, (as Joseph Patrick Moore is most definitely a 'musician's musician'), but also well renown for his songwriting/composing mastery, incorporating bass as the lead instrument, which adds even more distinction to his already impressive signature sound.

Though JPM is gaining a solid increase in fans everyday, Joseph Patrick Moore is no new comer to the industry, as he has 6 previous very hot CD releases to his credits, and is currently working on yet another new CD which will be released soon. His last release, "Decade", (on Blue Canoe Records), released in 2005, which celebrated 10 years as a professional touring artist for Joseph Patrick Moore, was a 15 song smoker, (a definite favorite in my jazz collection), featured performances from members of some of the music industry's most celebrated acts such as Jimmy Herring, (Greatful Dead), Jon Chalden, (Sheryl Crow), Yanrico Scott, (Derek Trucks Band), Jeff Sipe, (Susan Tedeschi), Buzz Amato, (Curtis Mayfield), Adam Nitti, (Steven Curtis Chapman), and many other very respected and renown artists, which together with Joseph Patrick Moore, made this CD an really tasty musical treat for any lover of great jazz. No doubt, JPM's new release is widely anticipated by fans, and of course, he will be touring with other very esteemed nationally and/or world renown artists from T&T's roster to promote his soon to be released new CD.

Gregg Bowman~

From the first 30 seconds of listening to Greg Bowman's independently released CD, "Heartbreaker", I knew I had struck music industry gold! Greg Bowman's music is rich with versatility, delivering true class performances in rock, blues, and beyond with a distinct style that's unforgetably... well, Greg Bowman. When I read the credits of Greg's very hot CD, to find out just who the amazing pro performers were who contributed to the CD, I was more than impressed to find that Greg had performed all the instrumentation on all the tracks, (with the exception of one song), himself!

Pretty much every track on this CD, was 'radio quality material', fitting easily into a number of radio formats, with no shortage of broad audience and marketing appeal. The same applies with another of the CD's that Greg Bowman had sent me, titled, "A Little Sexy's Alright". I do not mind a bit writing that Greg Bowman does have a distinct but subtle element of sex appeal in his voice and present in his music. Greg's vocal prowess reminds me a bit of Steve Miller, with a classy, sort of sultry kind of sex appeal added to his music. ...And I have to agree with Greg on that one, as "A Little Sexy" is indeed "Alright".

Like the other great bands written about (above), in this article, I turned Tony Saldano on to Greg Bowman's exceptional music. Tony being the brilliant business man he is, with a keen sense for what audiences will appreciate, signed Greg to take his place amongst the hundreds of greats on T&T's impressive roster.

I advised Greg to get a band that can perform his music, and he immediately did just that. Greg has recently been offered several contracts with some very esteemed record labels, and is ready to hit the road touring with some of the outstanding headlining acts on T&T Management and Booking Agency's roster, while we at T&T Management & Booking Agency and Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions work at giving Greg Bowman and band the recognition they deserve, and turning the world on to a truly great band, that no doubt, will make their mark in music industry history in the near future.

The Original Sugar Hill Gang~

The Original Sugar Hill Gang, from Teaneck, New Jersey, are no new comers to the music industry, but a long time club and concert favorite, world renown as pioneers in the genre of classic hip hop. Since the late 1970's when the genre of hip hop was first established, The Origial Sugar Hill Gang was in the forefront pumping out such hits as "Rappers Delight", "8th Wonder", "Apache", "Life in the Fast Lane" and many more, all the way up until present day.

The Original Sugar Hill Gang may have been THE true pioneers of hip hop, their music is still as hot, fresh, funky and fun as it has ever been, packing to capasity any venue they are booked in, as The Original Sugar Hill Gang delivers an impressive playlist of both classic and new hits, with the kind of groove that makes you move, great showmanship and a welcome positive vibe, which is the exception rather than the rule in much of today's music. Again, even today, The Original Sugar Hill Gang are setting a new standard in the music industry.

I have to add, that one has to get up pretty darned early in the morning to beat Tony Saldano to the draw, as I had been communicating with The Original Sugar Hill Gang, getting to know them a bit before presenting them to Tony for T&T. Just before I was about to bring this exciting group to Tony's attention, he had already signed them to the roster!

Needless to say, we at T&T Management & Booking Agency are excited to be working with The Original Sugar Hill Gang, and are looking forward to bringing to people everywhere, the classic sound, new hits, dynamic showmanship, and good times that all can encounter from the experience of their live performances.

Razzy Bailey~

As I previously indicated in this article, T&T Management & Booking Agency's objective and hallmark is to bring THE BEST of high quality live entertainment to all people of all musical tastes. So needless to say, we at T&T are proud to announce the recent addition to the roster, a legendary artist who is world famous for doing exactly that for many years. If one had to look up the definition of 'broad audience appeal', you would see this artist's name and picture, as this legendary giant of the music industry defines it. I am writing of none other than the uncomparable Razzy Bailey.

Razzy Bailey has written hit songs in genres ranging from R&B to country, (and everything in between from pop, rock, blues, soul, and beyond!) Razzy has performed for more than one million people in Washington DC, a crowd even larger than Garth Brooks' now legendary Central Park audience.

Razzy's numerous hit songs, (more than 30 of which reaching within the Top 10 of the Billboard Music Chart), have been re-recorded by a multitude of other artists, (who are obviously also fans, as Razzy is truly an 'entertainer's entertainer'), such as: Steve Cropper, Canyon, Narvel Felts, Richie Havens, Ricochet, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Mickey Gilley, Charlie Daniels, Lee Greenwood, Tracie Nelson, and countless others. No doubt, all will agree that Razzy Bailey is a true legendary master of making and performing great music, and pleasing, audiences of all tastes.

We at T&T are also pleased to announce that Razzy's many fans can see him perform his hits live and in person in the near future, as Tony Saldano and the crew at T&T are busy putting together a tour and are accepting dates, featuring Razzy Bailey together with world renown country artist, Tim Murphy.

Tim Murphy~

Making himself right at home amongst the many great artists on T&T Management & Booking Agency's roster, Tim Murphy is a true crowd pleaser, with plenty of 'country cool'. Recently re-signed with T&T, Tony Saldano and agents are quite busy these days lining up dates for an incredible tour featuring Tim Murphy and the legendary Razzy Bailey. Together on this tour, their shows promise to be an awe inspiring, action packed, educational experience in music history, reaching beyond the boundaries of generation and genre.

Tim's style is a perfect and signature musical mixture of both classic style country, and the more contemporary new style of crossover country, which is a winning combination that packs venues full of fans everywhere Tim performs. Tim's live performances are nothing less than dynamic, and puts on a show that gets talked about by fans for month's to come.

Beyond all the 'thunder and lightening' that present in Tim Murphy's live performances, fans are especially appreciative of Tim's down to Earth nature and unprenciousness, which is quite remarkable considering his measure of success.

Amongst Tim Murphy's impressive credits, Tim received 2 Grammy awards in 2002, for his song "Bottom of the Fifth" in the catagories of Best Country Song and Best Male Vocal Performance. Tim credits also include: Three Top 40 hits, a top 10 single, In November 2006, Tim was voted Top Male Country Artist by New Music Weekly at the NMW Awards, a video which charted at #1 on ICE-TV, (Independent Country Express), and Five-Star rating on his newest CD compilation, 'Ain't No Shame' which hosts the debut chart-climbing singles, 'Wild Wild West' and the new version of ‘Burn Me Down’, and the list goes on and on.

For more information and to listen to the music of these outstanding artists and bands, one can visit their My Space sites at: - Joseph Patrick Moore - Atlanta, GEORGIA - Jazz / Funk / Fusion - - Razzy Bailey official My Space site ...

We at T&T Management & Booking Agency are proud to be the ones launching the careers of tomorrow's top artists, and re-fueling the careers of some of the music industry's pioneering and legendary performers. More so, it's our pleasure to introduce and bring them to you, as YOU, the fans, are what the entertainment industry is all about! And to spite all the extremely long hours and hard work we put into every day's work to make it happen, it's only with the help of the fans, that the chapters of music history are written.

The End.

Best regards,

Laura Jenney, Executive Vice President / PR and Media Relations Specialist Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions Booking Agent T&T Management and Booking Agency

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