Renowned Plastic Surgeon Offers Personalized Vaginal Reconstruction and Labial Reduction Surgical Procedures

Greenwich, CT (PressExposure) April 01, 2011 -- From his Greenwich Center for Restorative Vaginal Surgery, Dr. Jacobson consults patients who may be tentative about certain corrective surgeries. For diverse reasons ranging from aesthetic preferences to physical problems, scores of women have a positive quality-of-life option in pursuing vaginal cosmetic surgery. As a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecologists, Dr. Jacobson is highly credentialed. However, it is his highly specialized skill that propels Dr. Jacobson as a frontrunner in his industry.

Utilizing the Ellman Surgitron radiosurgery system to perform high-frequency (no scalpel) surgical procedures, Dr. Jacobson offers his patients reduced post-operative discomfort, faster recuperative time, and superior cosmetic benefit with minimal scarring. He is one of very few physicians in the United States offering his advanced training paired with this state-of-the-art technology. His highly specialized personal makeover services include:

Vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty)
In addition to tightening lax muscles for increased friction during intercourse, vaginoplasty can also correct stress incontinence problems. Many women have vaginal floor weakness from undergoing natural childbirth, genetics, or as a result of previous surgeries. Vaginal rejuvenation can restore firmness and enhance sexual experiences.

Labia reduction (labiaplasty)
Excessive, uneven inner lips at the vaginal entrance (often causing irritation, chafing and discomfort with sports, exercise, cycling and during sex) can be reduced through labiaplasty.

Perineum reconstruction (perineoplasty)
Tightening the area of the perineum (the muscular area between the vagina and anus) that may have become relaxed as a consequence of childbirth can heighten sensation from sexual stimulation.

Clitoral hood reduction
Only removing excess skin from around the hood, or the area adjacent to the clitoris, is removed during this procedure and the clitoris itself is not surgically altered.

Many highly reputable media sources have featured Dr. Jacobson in their reports; e.g., Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. These media sources, among others, are documented on Dr. Jacobson’s website with the actual television and radio interviews and transcripts of in-print coverage.

The Greenwich Center for Restorative Vaginal Surgery announces its newly designed website. From the privacy of their homes, women can easily browse the site to view actual before-and-after photos in the Gallery; to listen to the television and radio interviews; to read media print coverage; and to have many of their preliminary questions answered. For additional information, Dr. Jacobson’s practice offers an opt-in mailing that provides educational updates through periodic newsletter announcements. All who request these announcements will receive a FREE informative and helpful labiaplasty report.

For more information on Dr. Jacobson’s Greenwich Center for Restorative Vaginal Surgery, please visit the Center online at You may also reach Dr. Jacobson by email at or by phone at 203-869-8360.

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