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Gilbert, AZ (PressExposure) August 20, 2009 -- Inspections are one of the most important aspects of Property Management. There are several different types of inspections that the not only document the condition of the property, but protect the owner and tenant in different situations. All departments in the office rely on inspections in some way or another. Any property management company could not run efficiently without them. There are essentially four types of inspections: move in, move out, bi-monthly, and annual.

Move in inspections are performed to protect the tenant when they eventually move out of the property. Each flaw in the house that is preexisting should be noted by the tenant as to not be charged for the item when they move out. The home should be virtually clean. The most common things noted are mostly. For example, marks and scuffs on the walls or small stains on an otherwise clean carpet. Other items may include small scratches on flooring, slightly different color in paint, or things that may not be installed or provided but should be.

Move out inspections are used in order to properly document the condition of a home after a tenant vacates the property. The move out inspection is the evidence with which a management company uses to charge the tenant for any damages or uncleanness beyond normal wear and tear that is present in the home. Pictures taken at this time and are very important in order to have visible proof of all items noted on the inspection form. Along with pictures, the move out inspection protects the management company in the event that the tenant may be unhappy with the charges, or thinks the Management Company is being unfair.

Bi-monthly inspections are performed when the home is vacant. This is like a condensed version of a move out inspection and all areas of the home must be checked. Bi-monthly inspections are preformed to make sure the property is being properly maintained. Weeds and yard maintenance are the biggest reason for the bi-monthly inspections so that the management can assure the owner is in complyance with the HOA. The owner needs to keep up the aesthetic appeal of the home and make sure it is in an acceptable condition. The home will rent faster and no avoidable penalties will be incurred. If the home is a new build, inspections also tell you exactly what the home needs in order to make it market ready.

Annual inspections are performed when the tenant has occupied the home for at least 6 months. In most cases annual inspections are done upon the owner's request and tenants are always given two days notice as this is a standard law. The main purpose of the inspection is to make sure the tenant is maintaining the home properly and not destroying or trashing anything. We make sure that all the guidelines of the lease are being adhered to. If the home is not being maintained, the management company is within their legal right to send a letter of compliance to the tenant explaining detailing corrective action to be completed within a certain period of time. The tenants could be evicted if they do not comply within that time frame.

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