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Gilbert, AZ (PressExposure) October 08, 2009 -- Many investors are buying real estate right now for different purposes. They each have an exit strategy. Some use the buy and flip method, and others use the buy and hold method. With prices being slashed by almost 50% from what they were in the boom, many seasoned investors are coming out of the wood works. Most of them have learned that in order to flip the home and maximize their profits in a competitive market like now, time is of the essence. In order to flip the home the investor has to consider the repairs that the property needs and what it will take to sell the home with out putting too much money into it in order to maximize profits. If the investor uses the "buy and hold" method, he/she needs to take into consideration vacancy time and how much work the home will need to become rent ready which is bit different than sell ready.

A popular option for investors these days is to purchase real estate through the auction at the court house steps. Once the investor purchases the home, if it is vacant, they immediately start looking for contractors to do the work. Specialized real estate maintenance companies typically doe all the work on these properties as they concentrate specifically in tenant improvements, remodeling, restoration, etc, in order to maximize profits whether the investor is selling the home or renting the home. The investor must know how much to do to the home in order to set it apart from the surrounding competition. Real estate maintenance companies work directly with property management and sales, therefore, they know what to put into the property vs. what not to and get the home rented quickly and or sold quickly and maximize the investor's profits. It is no secret that there is a lot of competition out there in the rental market.

Kadeez Maintenance specializes in setting rental properties they do the work on apart from the surrounding competition. It doesn't take a lot to do this and doesn't cost much more to do this, there are small finishing touches Kadeez does such as two tone paint, cleaning, putting air freshener in the home, cleaning up the mess, spraying off the exterior of the home, removing oil stains from the driveway, etc.. it is amazing how the small finishing touches will make the difference. Kadeez Maintenance has been in business for about 11 years and can make professional recommendations to the investor if the investor decides to sell or rent the property.

Obviously the number of investors has increased as prices have dropped over the last year. Many of these investors are buying to fix and flip while others are buying and holding. Either way, more often than not, the homes will need work cosmetically. Regardless of what the ultimate goal is with the property, keeping maintenance expenses as low and effective as possible is imperative in maximizing profits.

Although it can be difficult to prepare for every expense related to owning rental property as there are bound to be some unexpected ones, it is important to have some sort of budget. Some of the most unexpected expenses can relate to maintenance such as in between tenants, small plumbing and fixtures often need to be repaired or replaced and are not prohibitively expensive. However, faulty wiring or electrical connections, cracked or unstable foundations, compromised roofing and the like can be very expensive to repair. The most common suggestion to this matter and safest way to get around these obstacles and help absorb unexpected expenses is to have a budget and or emergency fund set aside.

It is imperative to have the right crews on call to do the work. KADEEZ Maintenance has crews on hand that specialize in every area related to maintenance. Their staff has built relationships over the past decade in negotiating rates and prices to help investors maximize their profits while minimizing their maintenance expenses. Over time, they have come to know where to draw the line in what a home needs in getting it "rent ready" and or what a home needs in getting it "sell ready". This information alone can take time to acquire and comes with experience in real estate investing.

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