Research Reveals HGH Has the Potential to be the Legendary Fountain of Youth

Uckfield, United Kingdom (PressExposure) March 15, 2011 -- HGH is hormone the human anterior pituitary gland secretes and helps with the development of the body. Due to its role in human development, namely to stimulate cell growth and reproduction, researchers began to study HGH to see if its effects could be recreated to prevent aging and stimulate weight loss.

Since ageing is largely due to cells dying and not being replaced, the logic was understandable. After all, if HGH can stimulate cell reproduction, then it should be able to help replace the cells being lost. This will not only help to slow aging but also in organ and tissue repair, especially since it has been found that one of the roles of HGH in the adult human body is to help with tissue and organ maintenance.

There have been many clinical studies analyzing the potential benefits of HGH and while few medical professionals are willing to come out and clearly state that HGH is effective as an anti-ageing agent, as they feel more research and clinical trials are necessary, the findings so far are extremely positive.

First of all, HGH has been shown to increase fat breakdown due to the fact that it stimulates energy production through lipolysis. Additionally, a study conducted in Sweden revealed that extensive HGH therapy led to a normalization of muscle strength leading to a reduction of muscle loss caused by aging.

Considering that HGH seems to effectively combat many of the symptoms of aging, the conclusion that it can help slow the aging process in humans is not far-fetched.

Currently, HGH is mainly available to the public via dietary supplements, which are designed to stimulate the body’s natural HGH production capacity. However, not all dietary supplements on the market are what they are cracked up to be, which is why caution is advised.

Before purchasing any dietary supplement claiming to stimulate HGH production, consumers are advised to conduct further research on the manufacturer and determine the level of success others have had with that particular brand.

One excellent source for such information is a website,, dedicated to HGH and ensuring consumers purchase only top quality HGH supplements. The site features reviews of the best HGH pills on the market and also provides information regarding which brands one should steer clear of.

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