Researcher Has Discovered New Primate Species in North America

Las Vegas, Nevada (PressExposure) August 20, 2013 -- Walking the forests, wetlands and grasses of North America is a massive mammal long thought to be a myth. Despite hundreds of years of anecdotal chronicles and sightings across the map, evidence for this primate has been debatable and inconclusive. Unbeknownst to the sleeping populace, this Bogeyman that goes bump in the night has now been proven to exist.

Sasquatch or Sasquatch, from the Halkomelem language of British Columbia, has long lurked in the collective psyche of North America. Native Americans such as the Lakota, have known of the existence of Chiye-tanka, or "Big Brother", throughout their history and have many stories and pictographs featuring Bigfoot.

Bigfoot has grown to be an essential narrative in American pop-culture as well as a subject of worldwide fascination. American Bigfoot curiosity was set in motion by the controversial Patterson-Gimlin film of "Patty" in 1967. Only in recent years has Bigfoot lore and interest invaded every media market and a passionate sub-culture has grown that have relentlessly documented sightings, evidence and produced volumes of writing.

Increasingly there has become collaboration between crypto-zoologists, Bigfoot researchers and scientists in the hunt to find evidence for Bigfoot, yet the mammal has been elusive, until now. The Bigfoot, a creature described typically as 6-10 ft. tall and 400-1000 lbs., has remained hidden in North America's wild areas. Many have described this bipedal giant as a "wild man"; a hairy man with an uncannily human appearance.

Illustrious Bigfoot researcher Rick Dyer of Team Tracker, LLC had been hunting exhaustively for Bigfoot for several years before he achieved his objective. Intrigued by reports from homeless in San Antonio about a possibly semi-domesticated Bigfoot roaming their camp, Dyer embarked on a mission to track the creature and prove its existence. Accompanying Dyer was esteemed British Documentarian Morgan Matthews of Minnow Films.

There have been sightings in 50 United States and in almost every country worldwide. This discovery of a new species of hominid brings to light the revelation that there are Giants veiled in the dark forests of this planet. And according to the numerous and widespread sightings are correct, some of the Bigfoot are our neighbors.

On January 1, 2014 Rick Dyer of Team Tracker, a group of eminent scientists and other professionals will reveal the body of a Bigfoot to the world. At that time the scientific data and findings and more video will be disclosed. Efforts to protect the species will also being enacted. The discovery of the San Antonio Bigfoot represents a quantum leap in history, science and for mankind.


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