Researchers Discover The Insidious Causes Of Tinnitus And Ear Disorders

New Smyrna Beach, FL (PressExposure) January 14, 2009 -- There is probably no illness today which causes such widespread suffering as tinnitus. Out of 40 million Americans with tinnitus, 15 million are incapacitatedmany at the point of suicide. Most of this suffering and pain is caused by a lack of understanding regarding the underlying causes of tinnitus. Many individuals with tinnitus don't realize they have nutritional shortcomings.

Imagine the constant explosion of a construction crew’s jackhammer that doesn’t seem to stop at the end of the day, or the thunder of a jet taking off with a roaring echo that never seems to fade. Imagine the sound of thousands of telephones ringing in your head, or the never-ending buzz of hundreds of insects in your ear. These are some of the nerve-wracking sounds heard by millions diagnosed with tinnitus.

Dr. Paul Yanick, the medical research director of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine, originally discovered the nutrition-ear connection in the early 1970’s, has launched a new e-book named “Tinnitus-Free, Naturally.” Although he wrote and edited academic textbooks and held international symposiums on his exciting discoveries, most of his work was ignored by the medical profession. At one international symposium, the late George E. Shambaugh Jr, M.D. a leader in the ear filed and former Professor of Otolaryngology at Northwestern University stated: “Dr. Yanick’s symposium may signal a rejuvenation of medical otology which has languished during a remarkable half century of microsurgical innovation of hearing impairments. Dr. Yanick deserves enormous credit for his courage in organizing this meeting.” Another attendee and prominent ear specialist, Hallowell Davis, MD stated “The ear is a living organ and nutritional-biochemical factors maintain a structure and provide energy for its function. If conventional treatment, including hearing aids and tinnitus maskers, fails to provide relief from tinnitus, then think nutrition.”

After his popular e-book 'The Forgotten River of Health' on molds and their harmful impact on unsuspecting human beings, the veteran researcher and author felt it was time to tell the world his personal story on how he overcame tinnitus in Tinnitus-Free, Naturally. The initial part of the book charts the discovery and recognition of tinnitus as a malnourishment disorder. Thereafter, the book reveals new concepts and methods through which tinnitus can be prevented or reduced naturally. Dr. Yanick supports these methods with several indigenous research projects and case studies. As with 'The Forgotten River of Health', this e-book also describes the harmful effects of the conventional prescribed drugs and their ineffectiveness in curing tinnitus.

The e-book has a number of collaborators and credited contributors, most of them being scientists, health organizations and research institutes. It also emphasizes the importance and role of the lymphatic system in helping to prevent tinnitus, ADD and other allied diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and even cancer, quite like the first e-book. Dr. Paul Yanick has also promised to bring out a number of follow-ups to the e-book.

For more information on the 'Tinnitus-Free, Naturally' e-book, contact: Dr. Paul Yanick (e-mail)

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