Resident Shield, Real Time Protection, and The Constant Evolution of Computer Security

Reston, VA (PressExposure) July 05, 2011 -- The resident shield or real time protection is arguably the single most important security service on a PC. Any and every computer connected to the internet should always be running a real time protection program. Yet most internet users are confused or overwhelmed by real time protection, if not computer security in general. The Netizen Guide is a new computer security website with a specific section at devoted to active resident shield. This section covers the basics of real time protection that every internet user should know to protect their computer and personal information from threats on the internet.

Computer and internet security is, for the most part, a reactive industry. New viruses, worms, spyware, adware, malware programs, and a host of other threats are constantly being developed. Because of this, a powerful resident shield service with heuristic based protection is always recommended by security experts. This type of real time protection will be able to detect and stop threats even if they have never been seen before. The Netizen Guide reviews several of the most powerful real time protection programs to date. It also offers several commonly overlooked tips about resident shields. One of them is to only have one resident shield program running because more than one could conflict, disrupting them all. Another is to always have your real time protection active because there should never be a reason to deactivate it.

Your computer's resident shield or real time protection is the preemptive defense against all threats from the internet. Other common synonyms for this service include active defense, on-access scanning, background guard, autoprotect, or realtime shields. Regardless of the term, the concept is always the same: to protect you in real time by monitoring processes on your computer for potentially dangerous or unwanted activity."It is more important than ever to choose a reputable resident shield with a proven track record because there are tens if not hundreds of real time protection programs out there that all claim to be the best" said Daniel Delos, founder of the Netizen Guide.

There is a continual battle between internet security protection and new types of threats. Lack of proper security can be financially disasters both for individuals and businesses. Hopefully, reputable information sites such as the Netizen Guide will help to educate the average internet user about how to keep their computer safe and secure, starting with real time protection.

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