Resist Attack Shares Priceless Info For Safety From Animal Attacks

Atlanta, Georgia (PressExposure) August 25, 2009 -- Keeping yourself safe from animal attack costs a little money. But being complacent about your safety from animals can cost you much, much more - even costing your life. Resist Attack, the online company advocating safety from animal attacks, introduces its proven effective tools and devices to help you.

The company believes that statistics don't lie when it comes to animal security. According to, there are almost a million cases of dog bite injuries in the US each year. And indeed, we are just talking about attacks from dogs here. There are threats of attack anywhere from cats, rabbits, rodents and even from bears in the wild. These animals are potentially carriers of rabies. Needless to say, it is not worth it to take the risk.

Resist Attack products are designed to protect individuals from all sorts of attacks anywhere. The products include pepper sprays, stun guns, dog repellent and ultrasonic repellers. These are useful deterrents whenever one is going jogging and you see a stray dog or when the family is on a camping trip and they encounter a feisty bear. These products are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency so they are potent enough to keep animals at bay but not dangerous enough to be deadly or permanently damaging to animals.

"The good thing is that you don't need to take special classes to learn how to use our products," James Shaw, founder of Resist Attack, said. "You can immediately use them by instinct and you would be surprised at how effective they are to help in resisting attacks."

Sure, they are easy to use and apply. But it doesn't hurt to know a little about them before, god forbid, an actual attack happens to you. The pepper spray is mainly used for small animals like dogs and cats. When there is a dog attack, you just use it like paint spray: aim the spray to the eye area of the assailant and then press the spray button. The animal pepper spray can work at an amazing 35 feet distance. It is best if you can practice spraying from the hip as there are times when you have to do it that way.

The best way to avoid attacks from animals is to avoid them, usually by running away from the animals while you can and when they are still at a fair distance. However, bad circumstances often cannot be controlled; then we need to be prepared with weapons that are available at hand. Stun guns are a known deterrent against unfriendly dogs as well. The mere electric current sound of the stun gun even scares some breeds of dogs. The one downside to this particular device is that you have to press it directly onto an attacking animal, this of course may not be the best choice for you to avoid an attack.

Perhaps the best device against animal attacks these days is the ultrasonic dog repellent. When you press this device, a high-frequency sound is emitted. This sound is not audible to human beings but it is irritating for dogs and other animals. It can make them uncomfortable and run away from you. This device is particularly useful also for bear attack. The ultrasonic repellent also comes with LED lights that can confuse bears and dogs therefore thwarting their possible attacks on you.

Resist Attack is offering these devices in various sizes. These models come in small, handy sizes so you can carry them along wherever you want it to be. And yes, these anti-attack devices cost less than $100. They are indeed inexpensive and the safety they provide will prove to be priceless.

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