Resveratrol Grape Juice Prevents Premature Aging & Cancer - A New Study

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) August 31, 2009 -- Scientists, in a recent breakthrough found the cause for aging process. This research included understanding how resveratrol grape juice, one of many ingredients of red wine, is capable of improving the health and improving lifespan. It’s been seen that the chromosomal composition is compromised because of aging process, and that resveratrol grape juice can be used to contain this effect by activating a protein known as sirtuin which can enhance the health of chromosomes .

And this news about resveratrol grape juice has increased its fame. Reports on television and radio, articles on magazines continue to spread the word on the positive health related effects offered by this incredible supplement.

Resveratrol grape juice is a naturally occurring antioxidant found primarily in red wine. The main source of diet of resveratrol grape juice used in everyday life is wine. Red wine has large volumes of resveratrol grape juice than white wine, since resveratrol is major content of grape skin and the manufacturing process of red wine involves prolonged contact with the skin of the grape.

A recent study has provided a list with many positive effects on health due health benefits caused by resveratrol grape juice. It has been connected to longevity, reducing chances of procuring heart related issues and cancer prevention. It’s clinically proven by scientists that when resveratrol grape juice is more beneficial when supplied as a supplement. This effect is due to the presence of a mixture of vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E and elements like Calcium and Phosphorus. These useful ingredients offer positive health related benefits . A glass of red wine contains at least 640 mcg of resveratrol. But the main problem arises due to alcohol which may allergic for many people. Resveratrol can be taken in the form of a supplement in diet, and help in providing high doses of the product within one capsule and that too without alcohol, with multiple health benefits.

In addition to cardiac protective effects, resveratrol grape juice offers many anti-cancer protective benefits. According to studies done in laboratories, resveratrol grape juice has been found capable of avoiding the growth of multiple types of cancers like leukemia, multiple myeloma, melanoma, breast cancers, ovaries, prostate, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, thyroid, uterine cervix, head and neck.

Resveratrol grape juice is found to inhibit tumor growth by controlling the production of various enzymes and molecules which are responsible for controlling cellular reproduction and blood which is supplied to the tumor. Through these mechanisms, resveratrol grape juice enhances the anti-cancer effects of chemotherapeutic drug and/or radiation therapy. Because of its powerful antioxidant abilities, resveratrol grape juice offers protection to healthy tissues improving the repair rate of cells damaged by chemotherapy. As chemotherapy damages both healthy as well as cancerous tissues, this discovery may play an important role in helping cancer patients from overcoming the effects of chemotherapy.

Clinical trials performed on humans have shown that resveratrol grape juice is safe to use, and further modifications of resveratrol which could further improve the benefits of resveratrol are being studied as potential treatment for cancer.

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