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Bangalore, Karnataka India (PressExposure) February 09, 2011 -- For a seeker, the idea of finding Nirvana or liberation seems so mystical and unattainable. Seekers travel to distant lands to find just the right scenery in which to sit, or just the right book to read to give an answer. What is this Nirvana?

The Art of Living presents a live webcast, "Return to Nirvana: A Discussion with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar" on February 10 at 7 pm IST. (Log onto

The Buddha described Nirvana as the peaceful state of mind free from craving and anger and is available to everyone. Sri Sri tells us, "Nirvana is to experience the most beautiful place in the Universe, and that place is right within you. It is the inner core of every being. It is an end to the endless search each being is running after."

When one faces stress in daily life, the idea of Nirvana, our true nature, can often seem out of reach, even forgotten amongst all the pressing tasks. Sri Sri reminds us to think back to when we were children. "That sense of lightness, easiness is what liberation is. A simple taste of it, everyone has already had, you know when? When your exams were over! The day you finished your exams when you were a child you came back home and threw those books on the sofa and just sat, relaxed! How did it feel? That's all." So how do we reach Nirvana? How do we attain liberation? "When you become hollow and empty, when you become free from desires and fears, when you become free from anguish and care or concerns."

This Thursday, viewers are invited to drop all their desires and fears, anguish and concerns and be a part of the discussion on Nirvana. To send your questions, visit

A worldwide audience has been enthusiastic about the recent webcasts from The Art of Living. Recently, a special meditation and chanting session was broadcasted from Mumbai, India on January 14. Over 15,000 people from 80 countries participated. Some viewers chose to send their opinions about the recent webcast. Neela Srinidhi, a participant from Akashi, Japan writes, "Thank you for giving this opportunity for all of us to be a part of the event. It gives a superb feeling!"

Since early December, the knowledge talks and meditations with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar have been broadcasted live over the internet from The Art of Living International Center. These webcasts reach a truly global audience numbering more than 5,000 viewers daily. Groups in Argentina and Russia have been gathering at their homes. Even though the English language is unknown to them, they have been participating with the help of a translator.

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