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Seattle, Washington (PressExposure) July 11, 2008 -- The Reverse Engineering is a new webpage that was just added to the new Engineering Design Website that has just been released. This new Reverse Engineering Process webpage has all of the information you need to know of Reverse Engineering and Engineering Design and the main information you need to know on Prototype Design. You can visit this Reverse Engineering Process webpage at:

Here is an excerpt from the new Reverse Engineering and Engineering Design webpage:

“‘Reverse Engineering’ of ‘mechanical devices’ : With the ever-increasing popularity of CAD, ‘reverse engineering’ has proven to be a blessing for creation of ‘3D virtual model’ of the on hand physical part to be used in 3D CAE, CAM, CAD and many other soft wares. The measuring of physical object can be done by making use of ‘#D scanning technologies’ such as computed tomography, ‘structured light digitizers’, laser scanners, and CMMs. The data that is measured usually gets represented as ‘point cloud’. It is devoid of topological information. That’s why, the processing and modelling takes place into usable format like a ‘triangular faced mesh’, CAD model, or a collection of surfaces of NURBS. Applications such as Polyworks, Image ware, Geomagic, or Rapidform are used for processing the ‘point clouds’ into the formats that can be used in applications like 3D CAE, CAM, CAD or visualization.

‘Reverse Engineering’ of ‘software’ : The term ‘reverse engineering’ differs from person to person when applied in terms of software. As per the research conducted by Cross and Chikofsy, reverse engineering can be referred to as the process that involves the analysis of the subject system for creating its representation at the higher level. This level might be called the ‘level of abstraction’.”

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