Review from Avinash Dwivedi about The Wealth Masters Awesome Conference on How to Manage Your Wealth in This Bad Economy!

Las Vegas, Nevada (PressExposure) November 15, 2009 -- Today was the last day of my Wealth Masters Conference here in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The conference was scheduled from Nov 15th 2009 to Nov 18th 2009. I would grade it as one of the most useful conferences I have attended.

I found some of the most renowned Authors, Motivational Speakers, businessmen, financial advisors, health advisors and economists in this conference. As the name of conference predicts, it was all about your money.

The conference started with initial speech of Wayne Allen Root, who was 2008 Libertarian Party Vice President Nominee. He focussed on his life story and provided an insight of how he struggled to become successful. His speech was mostly focussed on being "Relentless" for anything you want in your life.

Next, There was speech from Karl Bessy who is also a co-founder of Wealth Masters. Next Speaker was G. Edward Griffin who is author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island". He explained about the Federal Reserve and how the money is actually created and supplied in US market. It provided an insight on how the economy runs behind the screen.

Now, It was time to take some break and give some motivational boost to our minds. Jeffrey Combs, the famous public speaker and writer of many famous books filled us with energy and go getting attitude. He focussed on how to setup your minds for success. How to actually train it so that you remain focussed on whatever you do. His simple sloagan was to be inspired rather than motivated and should be as much as productive as possible.

All wealth with no health doesn't make sense..right ? so, our next speaker was Gwen Olsen who is a recognized Rx reformer and author of the best-selling autobiography, "Confession of an Rx Drug Pusher". She uncovered the drug industry for their inhuman behaviour. The drug industry were actually not trying to cure people but wanted to make people addicted to their drugs to sustain their profit.

Alan Andrews, the expert on real estate business provided his super secret tips of how to invest into real estate even in this economy. He suggested us to buy cheap homes and lend them to people on rent or loan it to people by becoming a bank yourself.

Sam Balabon & Stephen Bookbinder introduced us to deep liquidity concept of stock trading. It's a patented method of trading where there is more transparency while trading.

Then I really was astonished to hear from world renowned economist, author and commentator, Mr. Peter Schiff. He described how US dollar will lose value overtime because of it their own mistakes. He concluded the first days sesstion. We were in very aweful situation where we didn't know what to do with our hard earned dollars.

Next day, the first session was from Kip Harriage who is one of the most famous financial planner and money manager. He provided a glimpse of his knowledge on wall street and how his Vertical Research Advisory (VRA) Letter can help in investing in good stocks.

Then, Kip's good friend Mr. Mark Bruner shared his wisdom in creating businesses. He is the most successful businessman I have ever met in person. He has created over $10 billion in shareholder value through the companies he has personally founded. He shared his story and provided us an incredible opportunity to purchase pre IPO of his upcoming project of oil mining in Australia.

After all the wealth advice, it was important to decide where should I keep my dollars. There were some advises from earlier speakers to invest into metal, Gold or Silver. The next speaker Ms Kristen Kuchem provided us a great option to create bank account which provides option to invest into different currencies. She disclosed the fact that just by keeping money into different high value currencies, I could save more money than 15-20% interest. This also provided a proof against the chances of dollars devaluation.

When there was talk going on to convert dollars into metals, we were introduced to new concept or rarity. I was so surprised to see so many options of investment. Richard Spring talked about rare coins business. He also showed us a coin from 1776 which currently valued as 1 million dollars.

Deanna Latson took us away from economy to what I eat on daily basis. I couldn't believe that she lost so many pounds by healthy nutritious food. She also saved her father who could have died because of his food habits. She provided lot of tips on healthy eating and exercising habits.

Walter Young, the next speaked revealed how you can manage your own cash flow and in long term create your own bank. What a great concept. Then followed by Mike Maloney, who is also an investment advisor to Robert Kiyosaki. He is also author of "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver" which is part of Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad's Advisors. He focussed on how could you save money by investing into precious metal like Gold and Silver. He conculded the second day's sesstion.

Next day, Scott Letouneau, was the first speaker who provided insights into ways to save your company from litigations. He advised us to create LLC (Limited Liability Company) to protect us from self employment taxes and any litigations.

Next Speaker, Peter Bielagus, was a great guy with very friendly personlity gave lot of tips about saving your credit history and ensuring that it is reporting correctly. Great Advise !!

Mike Kane, provided option for people who wanted to reduce their mortgage without affecting credit. Very good advise for people had to bear high monthly mortgage to avoid foreclosures.

Finally the conference was concluded by Wayne Allen Root's daughter Dakota Root. She shared her story of how she performed so well even though she was never taught in traditional schooling system. She provided a new perspective on how chidren can be home schooled and still achieve all the knowledge needed to compete in this world.

Overall, the Conference was a great hit on my chart. I couldn't have expected more than what I had seen. I was overwhelmed with very useful information. I was all set to plan my wealth and make more of it. I was so convinced with new investment ideas that I provided my personal contacts for many enrolments. I would pursue it in the best possible way. I can easily infer that managing wealth wisely is so much more important I thought about it before I attended this conference.


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