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Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) June 16, 2007 -- Still in the pre-launch stages and still weeks away from the official kick off of the Company's multi million dollar advertising campaign, Virginia based Nutronix International a 7 year old health and nutrition company, along with Horizons Marketing/Automatic Builder, exceeded all expectations with nearly 10,000 home based business seekers enrolling in just the first two months after the pre-launch unveiling.

Many believe the concept will revolutionize the home business network marketing industry. The new division, a "patent pending" new marketing concept called "The Berry Tree" was introduced in March. A Worldwide multi-million dollar advertising campaign is expected to be launched within the next few weeks where many optimists are realistically expecting near 100,000 members within the next 12 months. One of the unique aspects of this revolutionary marketing plan is that all new members enrolling in the business will be able to earn off the people already enrolled. This is unprecedented in the Network Marketing industry. The idea for the plan was based on the fact that 95% of people involved in network marketing fail to make any, or at least very little profit from their business.

Principles of Nutronix International researched the reason so many failed and found the primary reason to be the lack of advertising funds available to the average home business owner. The key to building a successful network marketing business is having the ability to sponsor new members into their business and reach new potential customers. With the Berry Tree, the company's advertising campaign will serve as the catalyst to fill the members trees.

"The Berry Tree" business plan gives members the opportunity to earn without having to sponsor or sell anything...! Those of you who have been around Network Marketing for a while may say "Yea right I've heard that before". But from all indications, this could very well be a 100% true statement. The company has contracted some of the most prestigious lead generating companies in the world. These contracts are performance based, meaning that the lead generation companies don't get paid until sales are made. All new members generated by the company's lead generation programs and media advertising, will be placed in the business plan which will then profit all members in the plan and all those who join after. Each member gets a "Berry Tree" with 3 branches, when one tree is filled, the member will receive $1336.00 residual income each and every month. After the second branch of their tree is filled a new tree is awarded. There is no limit to the number of trees a member can have.

A portion of the monthly membership fee of $49.00 +s&h will go to a international advertising co-op fund. The member fee will give each member a month supply of their exclusive nutritional O2 Berry product. Members earn monthly commissions on each branch of their tree, commissions earned from filling one branch of the tree (only 8 members) will put the member into a profit situation, hence covering their monthly membership which puts them in a profit situation from then on . A member tree can be filled through company advertising, their personally sponsored members and sponsoring of new members by people above (called spill over) and below them in the plan. At some point all members who stay in the plan will have their tree filled.

They have also a number of bonus pools, the first of which is called a Bronze level. Everyone reaching this level will share in a pool of $2.00 from everyone in the entire organization. Two other bonus levels are available. The company issues what is called a "virtual member" each month that a member remains active. To reach the bronze pool you need 10 members through your tree or through the "virtual member" credit. This is where the company can make the claim that you are gauranteed a profit by just staying active. Members literally do not have to sponsor anyone personally into the program to reach this level.

Nutronix International is already an established debt free company with over 30 health and nutrition products being sold in 60 countries. The company feels the rapid success of the program is attributed to the fact that many experienced MLM/Network Marketers realize the benefits of being on the ground floor of a new network-marketing plan. However, a new plan usually means a start up company. Now they can be at the top of a new plan without the fears and risks usually associated with a start up company. Those becoming members in the Berry Tree also receive a free placement in the existing Nutronix Business Plan. For a complete overview of the plan go to: Berry Tree

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