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Irving, TX (PressExposure) April 29, 2011 -- Even in a depressed economy, selling on eBay has become one of the best means of earning a substantial income. Top selling eBay seller, Tom Barnes, has developed a step-by-step course on how to make money on eBay with no experience necessary.

The easy to use method is contained in his new course that walks users systematically through the techniques and strategies of selling on eBay. The course works for novices and can help experienced sellers boost their income.

Students don't have to know anything about designing websites, marketing or advertising. There is no start up costs and those taking the course don't have to have a business degree or any business experience. No special computer skills or technical knowledge is required.

Making money on eBay is easy, but there are tricks to the trade that are easily learned and Barnes reveals everything he knows that has made him an eBay top seller since 1997. Many people sell on eBay every day and make a few extra dollars selling items here and there. Barnes shows students how to access over 200 million eBay shoppers worldwide.

Over 900,000 entrepreneurs from all walks of life have learned the techniques to make money on eBay and are making six and seven figure incomes. Over the past decade, Barnes has personally made over $8.7 thousand dollars with his eBay account. Over $100,000 in sales are made ever minute on eBay and Barnes shows others how they can achieve the same kind of success he's experienced.

Anyone can sell and learn how to make money on eBay. There's a market for virtually any product on the website, but success isn't determined only by what is sold. It also depends on how the items are sold and Barnes teaches students the methods he's used to amass his personal wealth.

Almost anything can be sold on eBay for a significant amount of money. One family sold a piece of a Dorito chip for over $1,200 and a Canadian man sold ordinary snow from his back yard for more than $3,500. A woman in Tennessee sold a single slice of toast for $15,000, while another sold a piece of used chewing gum for $14,000.

The course shows users how to make money on eBay and it also provides essential information on what not to do. Many people try to sell on eBay and fail. They don't understand how the system works and can't understand why their products don't sell.

Barnes will help students determine the type of items to sell, those that should be avoided at all costs, and how users can sell their own products. There are thousands of buyers seeking products that no one is selling on eBay and Barnes shows students how to find them. The course even explains where to obtain products to sell.

The course is a comprehensive resource that walks students through every step of how to make money on eBay and how to avoid the mistakes that will sabotage their efforts. Students will learn what to sell and how to sell it. They'll learn how to locate products that can be sold for significant profits that will put them on the road to eBay success.

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