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San Jose, CA (PressExposure) August 08, 2009 -- Every few years Microsoft™ shakes up the computing world with a new Windows® operating system. Apple™ continues to dominate telecommunications with ever-newer iPhones®.

This year, Real Action Paintball is leading our industry with the release of a dual-feed-system marker with proven performance and reliability at the heart of its design: the T68 series “SplitFire” semi-automatic paintball marker.

This is a paintball player’s dream.

Like Microsoft™ and Apple™ revolutionized the way we compute and think of cellular communication, so has RAP4 upped the performance standards for scenario paintball markers. While we expect the dual-feed concept to catch on, right now there is only one production model that gets you up to speed right out of the box—the SplitFire.

The T68 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Marker utilizes a magazine and hopper, individually or simultaneously, to provide two different colors or types of .68 caliber ammunition at the turn of a dial. By using both a hopper and a spring-powered magazine, the T68 SplitFire can carry two types of spherical ammunition at the same time. This allows the operator to select the most effective projectiles for the situation—like regular and restricted mission paint—then change back at the turn of a dial.

No longer will you have to lug two markers around the field, or rely on your sidearm to get you out of trouble while dragging a “rocket launcher” around the field. Load the magazine with “rocket launcher” paint, twist the dial at the chamber, and now your marker is the rocket launcher. Blow up their base…and lay your own cover fire to escape, drawing regular event paint from the hopper.

Using the SplitFire is like carrying multiple markers.

More than extending your role, the dual feed system allows you to modify and customize the look and weight of your marker. For “snipers” who don’t want to carry a bulky, sight-limiting hopper when they only need a few rounds anyway, just…take it off. Use the magazine alone to save weight, and keep your field of vision clear.

When you just want to get out there and blast some bad guys—and want energy left for the end-game push—save weight by taking the magazine off and just using the hopper. The same rotating chamber that indexes between these ammunition sources ensures that you can use either without the other being present.

And of course, RAP4 has the patent for that revolutionary technology.

With the T68 SplitFire, you can play all types of paintball games with just one marker. The T68 SplitFire even acts as your own backup when the firefight gets lively. Run out of ammo? Switch to your magazine and keep going.

Being part of our top-selling T68 line, the SplitFire paintball gun has thousands of options and configurations and nearly endless potential for customization. A full-length tactical rail runs along the top of the marker, to which you can attach scopes and lasers, lights and carry handles…all sorts of tactical gear. You can even configure your SplitFire as an M4, an AK47, or a sub machine gun.

Real Action Paintball's T68 SplitFire paintball gun is setting a new standard in paintball gun design. It changes how the game can be played, while taking paintball to a whole new level fun and excitement.

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