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South Ozone Park, NY (PressExposure) January 31, 2009 -- To date, there have been more than 730 independent, unsolicited scientific studies performed involving fucoidan. They are listed in the National Library of Medicine’s online database at Each study confirms fucoidan’s healthful benefits, including the potential to help the immune system perform at its highest level. Fucoidan also has the potential to stabilize blood sugar levels. Fucoidan has become one of the most analyzed, studied and validated scientific studies ever made.

Discover a most exciting gift from the sea. Often thought of as a starting place for life, the ocean has presented yet another gift to us in the form of Limu. Limu is a sea plant that has been prized for its effects on health and well being. Although it is found in 3 areas of the sea, the coastal waters of Tonga is the only source for Limu in its most pure form. Far away from the damaging affects of modern day shipping and exploitation, Limu grows in its pristine form. Unlike other sources of Limu that have been adversely affected by commercial shipping and pollution, the vast sea beds of Limu off the island of Tonga have enjoyed the pristine environment of the south pacific where the ecology has remained safe. Therefore, the coastal water of the Kingdom Of Tonga is unaltered and remains rich in nutrients.

Rejuvenating. Miraculous. Life-changing. These are just a few of the words people are using to describe Original Limu and its dramatic impact on their lives. The secret health-enhancing ingredient in Original Limu which is fucoidan, can only be found cradled in an underwater oasis in the South Pacific near the pristine Islands of Tonga.

What makes this mysterious plant so unique? What special property gives it its life-enhancing ability?

Within Original Limu, there are found more than 70 vital nutrients, but the key ingredient that makes it unique is fucoidan. This naturally occurring compound cannot be found in any fruit or land based plant. And since Tongan Limu is the richest source of fucoidan, it’s the only source used in Original Limu. How effective is Original Limu?

Hear what some Physicians have to say: -RITA ELKINS, MH ”Limu is brown seaweed that has been consumed by Tongans for over 3,000 years. It has a reputation for fighting disease and promoting good health, and it has recently been the focus of scientific study for its cancer-fighting abilities. In fact, this nutrient-packed sea plant offers many health benefits, including cholesterol and blood sugar control, antioxidant fortification, and immune boosting capabilities."

- Donna Antarr, MD "In my 19 years as a physician, I have never seen anything help people improve the quality of their lives as dramatically as Original Limu."

- DR. JEFFREY BLAND, NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMIST "Fucoidan has…been found to inhibit lymphocyte binding to endothelial surfaces. This may result in a reduced risk of coronary heart disease…It has also been shown that Fucoidan can enhance the immune response to certain viruses."

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The Limu Company located in Lake Mary, Florida has been in business since 2003.

Debt free and profitable from day one, their first year sales exceeded $10 million dollars in wholesale volume.

In its first 2 years and with one single product, they have grown faster than Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo, Nike, and even Wal-Mart.

Their product, Original Limu is a liquid superfood that gives the body the raw materials needed to help itself to heal.

Not only has The Limu Company helped thousands of people to improve their health in over 24 countries, they are also helping thousands of people make more money than they ever dreamed of and live the kind of lifestyle they desire.

They also donate to nonprofit organizations such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through an initiative called For Goodness Sake.

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