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Biloela, Queensland Australia (PressExposure) April 19, 2007 -- Women around the world have daily regimes that include a multitude of skincare products, but they do not typically consider the harmful toxins included in these products. One major problem ingredient in skincare products is preservatives. Preservatives do not make products any more effective; their sole purpose is to increase the shelf life. Scientific evidence shows that both synthetic and natural preservatives have negative effects on the skin and actually speed up the ageing process and can seriously contribute to skin problems such as blotches and severe skin rashes. Ironically, women are using these products to look more beautiful, but in the process are actually damaging the overall health of their skin.

Our skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body able to absorb toxic chemicals into the bloodstream and tissues. It is a two-way membrane. Toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration and absorbed through the skin into the body's circulation system, through hair follicles and sebaceous glands. One square inch of skin contains approximately 65 hairs and 100 sebaceous glands acting like open mouths, absorbing into the body most of what is put on it. However, this process also allows the skin to be nourished from the outside with good quality ingredients beneficial to skin health.

Unfortunately skin care products do not last forever, just like food, all natural skin care products will eventually deteriorate. Without preservative, the good ingredients will begin to die immediately after the product has been manufactured and bacteria/ fungus will grow in the product once it has been exposed to unclean hands. However, the scientific evidence points to the fact that skin care products need to be 100% preservative free, that is from natural and chemical preservatives. Until now this has not been completely achieved.

Recently researchers and scientists of a unique health and wellness company have developed a skin care range which is 100% preservative free, with the goal to support the skin's state of wellness. They have developed a unique cutting edge skin care technology that uses bacteriostatic water [sterile pure natural water in which fungus and bacteria cannot grow] which eliminates the need for preservatives.

In addition the most carefully selected cutting edge high quality, certified organic ingredients have been added to deliver only healthy nutrients that can feed and protect your skin from premature ageing, stress and damaging dryness. And with totally water based products and no preservatives there is no damage, accelerated aging of the skin or risk to your health. According to one of the advisors for some of the world's largest skin care companies, "introducing a water-based preservative free skin care system is a huge breakthrough for the health conscious consumer".

Research has been done to verify the efficacy and content of this skin care range which contains only the highest quality ingredients and reveals incredible results with after only one use showing a noticeable 80% improvement in skin hydration. This is revolutionising skin care and women and men will welcome a new era of non invasive skin care.

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