Ripley's Believe It or Not! Highlights 15 Top Unbelievable Facts about George Washington

Orlando, FL (PressExposure) February 13, 2009 -- The day Robert Ripley’s first Believe It or Not! cartoon appeared in the New York Globe on Dec. 19, 1918, the world’s passion for the odd, peculiar and the unbelievable officially began, and thanks to the quirky company Ripley founded, strange has more appeal in today’s world than ever. Considered the global authority on the weird, strange and bizarre, Ripley Entertainment Inc. is celebrating its 90th anniversary throughout 2009 and is gleaning some of its most amazing and unbelievable facts from its extensive archives. Just in time to celebrate George Washington’s birthday on February 22, Ripley’s researchers proudly present these tidbits about America’s first president.

• George Washington held the American broad jump record for 120 years at 23 feet. (This fact originally published in 1925) •The Purple Heart was founded by George Washington in 1782 and is the oldest reward for valor in the U.S. and the second oldest in the world. (1945) •The tomb built for George Washington, two levels below the rotunda in the Nation’s Capitol is used as storage. It was his wish to be buried at Mt. Vernon and his heirs have refused to permit the body to be moved to the Capitol. (1941) •George Washington is the only US President to be elected by the entire American population unanimously – twice, in 1789 and 1792. (1948) PIC from 2/22/48 •George Washington is the first American millionaire, but in 1789 had to borrow $1,500 to travel to New York for his inauguration. (1954) • George Washington not only did not chop down a cherry tree, but he was allergic to cherries! (1954) •George Washington refused to shake hands with anyone during his entire two terms as president. Instead, he bowed, in the belief that a handshake was beneath presidential dignity. (1953) •The first American mule was bred on George Washington’s farm in Mt. Vernon, Va. (1959) •George Washington was a French citizen. (1972) •George Washington is the only US president to be inaugurated in two different cities: April 1789 in New York City, March 1793 in Philadelphia. (1960) •George Washington never lived in the White House. (1992) •The father of our country, George Washington, never fathered any children. (2005) •George Washington carried a sundial – not a watch. (1992) •The most widely reproduced work of art is George Washington’s portrait which has appeared on billions of stamps and dollar bills. (1984) •George Washington was the only American soldier to serve the entire 8 ½ years of the revolutionary without taking a single furlough or a day of rest. (1957)

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