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Illinois, (PressExposure) February 11, 2009 -- Unfortunately, life is not always a bed of roses, and at times,it can deal very difficult cards in the form of criminal charges. Considerable amounts of criminal charges that are pressed against people are unconstitutional or outright illegal and unfair. In some cases, people just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the case may be, the Constitution guarantees you certain rights. EVERY criminal defendant is presumed innocent. The Government has the burden of overcoming the presumption. In the overwhelming majority of criminal cases these rights are not being upheld and enforced. Rigorous, experienced and effective representation safeguards our future, and assures compliance with your rights.

Any mistake in this area can be costly, both monetarily and with regard to personal freedom. Unless one finds an experienced Chicago defense attorney, it is not going to be easy to walk out of the ring safely. One of the top names in Chicago criminal defense is Robert J Callahan. He has over 15 years of experience in protecting the rights of people. He is a highly successful defense lawyer and his success can be attributed to his ability to penetrate deep into matters, often to depths unimaginable by others. As a leading criminal defense Chicago lawyer, Robert J Callahan, offers his dedicated service to people who often feel harassed by the law. Robert J Callahan comes out victoriously in all criminal lawsuits. His latest victories will speak for themselves. His book of victories is filled with a number of cases including a case that is as recent as January 2009 where he got, "Not Guilty!" verdict for one of his clients who apparently fled the scene of accident.

Through his sharp investigation tactics, Robert Callahan established in the court that his client had other compelling reasons for fleeing the accident scene and that he was not responsible for the accident. This Chicago defense attorney is never satisfied with superficial investigation. He drills down deep into the reports until he finds his trump card and his perseverance pays well. It is frustrating and frightening to witness what happens to people who fail to find a defense lawyer who is as committed and as experienced as Robert J Callahan. When it comes to criminal defense, the defense lawyer should know how to build the case against all odds. Evidence will not be as obvious to the naked, inexperienced eye as to a seasoned professional. Hard work, experience and investigation can often uncover the truth. Though Robert J Callahan is a busy criminal defense Chicago lawyer, e will be happy to help people who are looking for more than just legal representation. His greatest asset is his experience. Over the past 15 years, he has faced a variety of lawsuits. Mere knowledge in law is not sufficient to win cases and to prove the innocence of clients. It requires a sharp mind and the willingness to go the extra mile to safeguard the interests of clients.

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