Rolex and Tim Allen - Tim Allen Wearing Rolex Watches And Driving In The Rolex 24

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) April 22, 2009 -- Whether he is wearing a Rolex Daytona on and off the big screen or he is racing in the Rolex 24, Tim Allen is a Rolex kind of guy. Since the very beginning, when he was struggling to succeed in Hollywood, Tim Allen believed in owning a Rolex watch. In 1984, Tim Allen married his college sweetheart, Laura Diebel, and she helped to provide for the couple when Tim Allen was an up-and-coming comic. During those early days, thanks to her work and Tim Allen’s commercials, they lived in a beautiful home, wore nice clothes, drove expensive cars, and Tim Allen sported a Rolex watch. Later, Tim Allen paid back the faith of his first wife and their two beautiful daughters in spades when he became a film and television superstar with Home Improvement on the tube and The Santa Clause on the big screen. In his later spoof of Star Trek, the hit film Galaxy Quest, Tim Allen’s William Shatner/Captain Kirk-like character Jason Nesmith/ Commander Taggart wears a Rolex SS Cosmograph Daytona. For Tim Allen’s character, the Rolex Daytona represents the essence of his success as an actor. When the actors are taken from the bland reality of sci-fi conventions to the fantastic reaches of outer space, the only piece of wardrobe that Tim Allen’s character retains is the Rolex Daytona. After all, it does not matter whether you are on earth or in outer space because a Rolex watch remains an innovative mechanical marvel.

Recently, in David Mamet’s 2008 fighting film Red Belt, Tim Allen plays a supporting character that uses a Rolex watch to entice the young hero into the illegal fight game. Beyond just wearing a Rolex, the watch becomes an integral part of the story development. In the beginning of the film, Hollywood star Chet Frank (Tim Allen) walks into a raucous club and is soon embroiled in a brawl with local toughs. The hero of the film, Mike Terry (Chiwetel Ejiofor), comes to his rescue and saves Chet Frank from certain disaster before slipping off into the night. The next day Mike Terry receives an expensive thank you gift in the form of a Rolex watch and a dinner invitation from the man he rescued the night before, Chet Frank. However, soon the happy story starts to unravel for Mike, beginning when he finds out that the Rolex watch originally given to him by Chet Frank is actually stolen property taken from a police lock-up. In truth, Chet Frank (Tim Allen) simply has used the Rolex watch as a lure to bring Mike into the world of illegal fighting. Whether he was wearing a Rolex watch in his personal life or playing a character that flashes a Rolex watch on the big screen, Rolex always has been a major part of Tim Allen’s life.

In the path of his success on and off the big screen, Tim Allen embraced Rolex in a completely new way when he began to race cars in Rolex-sponsored events. Tim Allen took up car racing as a true passion, and he was proud to race in the Rolex 24 at the Daytona Speedway in September of 1997. Tim Allen has always been a big fan of motor racing, and he is an especially big fan of Indy racing. Tim Allen reflects on the experience of professional car racing: "It is great to be there, going so fast, all you care about is getting round that next corner, shoving on the gas, getting round the next corner. Nothing else really matters at that point" Tim Allen has proven that he is a real "car guy" with Tim Allen/Saleen RRRRacing, his very own racing team. Like television star and Rolex enthusiast Patrick Dempsey, Tim Allen has taken part in many professional competitions, including the Rolex 24 at Daytona, the ultimate in racing endurance and strength. Whether he is wearing a Rolex watch on his wrist or racing in a Rolex-sponsored event, Tim Allen is your all-around Rolex kind of guy.

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