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Sarasota, Florida (PressExposure) January 11, 2013 -- 1992 was an important year in the research towards the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. It was during this year that the first replica model for Alzheimer's disease was found with the joint research efforts of Dr. Michael Mullan and Dr. Fiona Crawford. Dr. Michael Mullan after graduating in medicine had practiced general medicine and surgery and due to his interest in psychiatry had relocated to London where he learned about the diseases of the mind. The mental health foundation awarded him with a postgraduate fellowship for his study on the genetics of Alzheimer's disease. It was in the University of South Florida in 1992 that he established the Roskamp Institute, where he put in his knowledge and experience towards Alzheimer's research.

Although he had used his knowledge in general medicine, psychiatry and genetics to continue his research, he taught behavioral medicine course for the students of the university. Alzheimer's is a general form of dementia where the person tends to be in a state of madness and also forgets the events in his life more than that may result from the process of actual ageing. Though there is no permanent cure for the disease and it tends to deteriorate the condition of the person with its progression and may also eventually lead to death, many Alzheimer's research centers are functioning in many places. These research centers have been constantly conducting many tests and experiments trying to explore the unknown elements of this critical and rare disease. The Roskamp Institute functions from the University of South Florida located at Sarasota, Florida in the USA with a team of researchers headed by Dr. Michael Mullan. In spite of a huge demand from the patients of Alzheimer's disease for a cure this institute had researched and developed molecules, which can control the severity of this disorder of the mind. Thus, there is a scope for wider research in this segment, for which many scientists around the world have been working to find an answer.

The Roskamp Institute has been able to achieve many drug discoveries in the area of Alzheimer's research and the phenomenal success of this reputed institute, which includes many scientists, administrative and clinical staff besides students devoted to understand and investigate on neurological disorders and diseases associated with the mind.

When contacted to one of the research person of the institute in Sarasota, Florida, he said - "We were informed that there were many patients suffering from Alzheimer's in and around this place. We developed a new perspective to its treatment that has found great satisfaction and relief among all the patients. This has actually motivated us in continuing our research work even more aggressively. Our institute, which is famous all over the world for the treatment of the disorders of the mind, is easily accessible by air for international patients and researchers. The extensive studies that have been conducted by our institute and the research publications in this regard have been considered a referral by many researchers and educationist world over."

If one is on the look for the best of the places for the treatment of Alzheimer's, then this is an ideal institute available, which can be contacted online for any queries related to this disease through their website today!

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