Rummy - Between Bingo and Poker

Nicosia, Cyprus (PressExposure) November 25, 2009 -- It is no secret that both Poker and Bingo were spread through western culture. This westernization made them both a favorite pastime all over the world. Globalization is nice but what is happening locally? Somewhere out there people are playing the same game - but they call it by a different name. It's not like Poker or Bingo. It is a traditional, regional, unique variation of a game that is played all over the world.

Now you are probably wondering what this game is? And why so many people in the world know it? The answer is simple; it is one of the first card/tile games we learn. The game is called Rummy.

These are a lot of names that mean the same, if you do the drill down on the conditions of the play it turns out exactly like poker & Bingo where there are a few popular game types: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Stud & 5 Card or 75 Balls & 90 balls. In Rummy it is Gin Rummy,Kalooki, Kalookie & a rummy500 that Prevail. Rummy has become a universal language: a player in the UK can play with an Italian, each think they are playing their own regional game - but actually it is the same game. Rummy in all its forms has been here for centuries. It is not a trend or a niche. It is a market of its own.

Unlike online Bingo: Poker and Rummy can stand on their own - without any side games. This independence provides Rummy with a very strong business module. Not only is the player value getting very close to Poker but the cost of acquisition is less. In order to acquire a Bingo or Poker player you have a lot of expensive competition which differs from Rummy.

Rummy is a skill game. It has been mathematically proven that the Rummy skill elements overweigh the luck elements in the game. Needless to say that in one round of Rummy, even the worst of players can win by sheer luck. This luck factor dissolves in a sequence of games that we call tournaments. Legal advantages of this are: easy penetration to the Italian market and no federal restrictions in the US (Only state laws).

This can be clearly seen in statistics: Bingo daily yield per player is around $5, Poker daily yield per player is $12 and Rummy is right behind with $10 daily yield per player.

Not many people know this but rummy is way beyond proof of concept. The multi-player rummy community network is two years old and already has thousands of cash money players on a daily basis.

About Rummy Royal

To Summarize: The evolution of online Poker and Bingo is very clear. The first step was mimicking the offline play by offering a multi-player product suite specifically targeted for each game. The second step was bringing in players by providing a network or a stand alone product with the help of large operators. The same thing is happening with Rummy. RM Royal Media has developed a unique multi-player product and recently created a network joint by 32Red and RummyExpress.

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