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Houston, Texas (PressExposure) September 04, 2015 -- Air cargo service provider, Ryan Aerospace, LLC, is an aviation service company with the purpose of the acquisition and manufacturing of quality general aviation aircraft for domestic and international clients.

It is currently in the process of creating licensing agreements and acquisitions of aviation design and manufacturing companies in the U.S., Russia, Germany, Australia and other countries.

Based in Houston, Texas, Ryan Aerospace began in 2004 as an international Mergers and Acquisitions company. Its continuing goal is to offer the aviation marketplace the most technologically superior civilian aircraft, along with also being the most cost-effective, most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing option in the marketplace.

The company is headed by its Chairman and CEO, who holds similar leadership positions with Asia Trans Pacific, an international air freight company; and Ryan Aircraft Group, which owns and leases various private airports in the U.S., Africa and South America.

With these affiliated holdings, Ryan Aerospace is now in a perfect position to focus on creating new and innovative aircraft design for civilian and military use, along with any associated maintenance and support.

The company is currently finalizing negotiations for three acquisitions:

- A number of aircraft for its new air cargo business, Asia Trans Pacific
- A start-up company that manufactures a six-seat amphibious aircraft for military and humanitarian purposes.
- A newly developed General Aviation diesel engine, including the design, engineering with long-term manufacturing rights for other aviation companies.

The engine, amphibious craft and other manufacturing efforts plan to be produced at a state-of-the-art production facility at a private airport south of Houston.

Company officials are currently in the process of securing the site, which will include four 100,000 square foot manufacturing facilities, a 100,000 square foot administrative headquarters, a 100,000 square foot aircraft prototype design facility and a 6,000 foot runway.

With everything in place, the company will continue its goals of continued acquisition of U.S. and international brand-name aircraft manufacturing companies; licensing of foreign aircraft design for manufacturing and assembly; and development of innovative aircraft prototypes.

Ryan Aerospace also plans to focus on the transfer of international aviation technology and the creation of an Aerospace Equity Partnership.

As an employer, Ryan Aerospace is committed to bringing in high-quality individuals interested in long-term career opportunities. It offers fair compensation in return for producing quality products and demonstrating modern manufacturing procedures.

Ryan Aerospace is especially interested in working with the State of Texas to improve its vocational training options to better encourage students to consider careers in the rapidly growing field of aerospace. It hopes to offer on-the-job training and a variety of trade positions and apprenticeships to students as young as high school age.

Finally, the company's most ambitious project, Asia Trans Pacific, will enable Ryan Aerospace to transport much-needed perishable and medical goods around the globe in areas that are underdeveloped, such as the African continent and parts of Asia including China where demand far outpaces supply.

About Ryan Aerospace

Ryan Aerospace will strive to be "The World's 1st designer and manufacturer of general aviation aircraft and military aircraft, and it will also provide all associated maintenance and cargo support services. Contact Hiram Ryan for additional information.

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