SEO Reseller Provider Endless Rise Inc Commences Development on Private Label Customer Support

Rincon, RI (PressExposure) October 14, 2009 -- SEO reseller provider Endless Rise Inc. commences development on a communication portal to offer private label customer support to their SEO resellers’ end clients. Backed by a high demand and growing need, Endless Rise Inc. will be the world’s 1st SEO reseller provider to take on the difficult challenge of bridging the sensitive, and typically non-existent, communication gap between the SEO reseller provider and the end client.

It is expected to take 4 months of intensive development to create the private label communication portal that will be housed inside of the SEO resellers CRM provided by Endless Rise. The development will encompass:

Stage 1 – Complete rebuild and upgrade of the SEO reseller CRM

Endless Rise will be building an entirely new CRM system that allows the SEO reseller to give their end clients access on a restricted basis controlled entirely by the SEO reseller. The end client would be able to login, see their entire campaign, view their SEO work reports, and view Google analytics, among many other features.

Stage 2 – Aligning the 3 points of communication

Within the new CRM system there will be three points of communication; the SEO reseller provider (Endless Rise), the SEO reseller, and the end client. The communication portal will resemble a live email system that clearly differentiates the communication from Endless Rise to the SEO reseller, and the SEO reseller to the end client. The three-way communication portal will include campaign alerts, billing alerts, progress alerts, and additional alerts.

Endless Rise will be sending alerts and issues to the SEO reseller to review and then pass onto the end client all in the same program. The client will be able to login to the CRM and submit customer support questions to the SEO reseller and the SEO reseller will be able to easily forward these questions and issues to Endless Rise. Endless Rise would then be able to answer questions and communicate back with the SEO reseller. Upon the SEO reseller receiving this information they can easily review it and pass it on to the end client. This will heavily support the SEO reseller in managing customer support, and will contain a completely private label forwarding system.

Stage 3: Opening the Communication Gap

Endless Rise will be allowing the option for SEO resellers to open the communication gap between the end client and the Endless Rise back end campaign managers through the private label communication portal and alert system housed within the CRM. The SEO reseller would select to allow email communication and response to alerts between the Endless Rise campaign manager and the end client through a private label agreement with Endless Rise. As a result of this development and open communication the SEO reseller will only spend a fraction of their time dealing with customer support, and this will maximize the amount of time the SEO reseller will be able to focus on sales.

The expected date of development completion is Jan. 10th, 2010 and the fully open communication portal for direct private label customer support is predicted to be an additional 3 months in beta testing and quality control before its official release.

For more information about the Endless Rise SEO Reseller Program visit or become a reseller today by calling 323.203.02. Endless Rise has been working to support the world’s SEO reseller needs since 2008.

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