SISATEL Introduces a Whole New Medium for Mobile Advertisement

Kolkata, India (PressExposure) January 19, 2012 -- SISATEL has brought in the new technology of sending free video message to anyone in the world at free of cost. Video Messaging and Mailing Service (VMMS) is a platform-independent cutting-edge technology by which users can send free video content to anyone in the world, by simply registering on their site. This technology is claimed to be bringing down any sort of barriers that users faced till recently, when they tried to send a video clip to anyone. Not only is it just video message and video mail, SISATEL also facilitates users to send video scrap and set up video blog.

"With the rollout of 3G in the country and unveiling of the new Telecom Policy, India is taking a leap forward graduating from its adolescence to a matured youth in the telecom arena," said Mr Indranil Mukherjee, the M.D. of SISATEL. "High Speed Data and HD Video communication along with the transformation of mobile advertisement will be buzzword of the next generation."

This is an innovation that SISATEL brought forth in the world of advertising. VMMS is a revolutionary platform for mobile advertisers that SISATEL has formulated. This is believed to be a paradigm shift in the world of advertising. VMMS being a patent pending technology, SISATEL evades all chance of duplication of their innovation.

SISATEL asks in all the mobile advertisers around the world to place their ads to be embedded in the video content. This is a sure way of captivating the audience as the ad is embedded in the video, which is to be viewed.

The advertisers are empowered to choose their desired demography, zone, and also the date or time when they would want to broadcast their ads. This way the advertisers are sure to reach their target audience.

Audio-visual advertisements are always of greater impact than others. Keeping this in mind, SISATEL lets the audio-visual commercials be broadcasted as sponsorship for free personalised ads along with the video content that the users will send.

Earlier, ads were possible to be merged in with videos that already existed for the users on some sites. Users could not send any video clips which were not on the library of such sites. SISATEL allows the users to send recorded and personalised video clips, with which the advertisers can barge in their ads, and be sure to have viewership.

Unlike a television set or a computer, that people normally have one per household or two, mobile phones are bought for individuals in the house. Merging ads with VMMS would be an exact way of knowing how many people have received the ad, and how many of them actually viewed it.

SISATEL recognised the advantage of Click to call & Click to SMS facility. They are superseding other media when it comes to engaging ads. Mr Mukherjee also observes: "India is a 25 million USD market for mobile advertising and is projected to grow to 75 Million USD by 2014".

VMMS is a new social networking platform based on audio-visuals. No more need users type in a colon, a dash and a closing parenthesis to indicate a happy mood. They can now shoot themselves smiling, and say a few words before they send over the message to the recipients. As numbers depict the scenario, 65 million users access Facebook through their smartphones. These users are more active on mobile, than the non-mobile users. Wiping the water off the glass, advertisers can well predict where the future of mobile ads are, combined with a video social networking site.

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SISA Communication offers its users FREE Video Messaging and Mailing Service. They have empowered all the users with sending a video SMS, video mail or a video scrap. The users can also set up a video blog for no extra cost at all. This platform independent Video Messaging and Mailing Service can be sent or received from mobile to PC or vice versa. This astounding service is also protocol independent and network independent.


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