SSA Proposes Changes To SSN Assignations

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) July 12, 2007 -- The Social Security Administration (SSA) is proposing some changes on the way they assign the US Citizens’ Social Security Number. The main essence of the change would revolve around eliminating the geographical significance in the Social Security Numbers’ first three digits, or the area number. The SSA intends to end the allocation of area numbers, entirely on the assignation of SSN to individuals residing in particular States of the country.

Los Angeles, California, July 5, 2007 – The SSA proposes the following changes in the assignment of SSN:

- Assign the SSN randomly and will be taken from the available pool of SSNs remaining.

- No more geographical significance concerning the foremost three digits of the SSN to be assigned.

According the SSA, they believe that changing the assignation system of the SSN would ensure the reliable supply of SSN for Americans in the future. Furthermore, the SSA believes that the change in the system of assigning SSN would greatly reduce the possibilities of identity theft and the misuse of SSN and other fraud scandals involving it.

The Social Security Administration or SSA is specifically inviting comments regarding the proposed changes. The comments they will be receiving would help them to determine whether the changes would have some unexpected effects for the public.

The SSA anticipates public opinion on the proposed changes only before or on August 2, 2007. Comments may be given through the Federal eRulemaking Portal’s website at , email to , Telfax by contacting (410) 966-2830.

Writing the comments by letter can be addressed to the Commissioner of Social Security, P.O. Box 17703, Baltimore, Maryland, 21235-7703.

Comments can also be delivered in person to the Office of Regulations, Social Security Administration, 107 Altmeyer Building, 6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland, 21235-6401. These comments may only be entertained from 8 am to 4:30 pm during regular business days.

All of the comments regarding the proposed SSN assignation system changes will be posted on the website of the Federal eRulemaking Portal.

Looking back, the SSA started assigning SSNs composed of nine digits in 1936. The purpose for this is to track the workers’ earnings during their lifetimes and for the payment of benefits. The SSA has almost one billion nine-digit possible combinations for assignation. Ever since then, SSA has assigned over 443 million of these possible SSN combinations. There are certain combinations however, that will never be assigned, due to administrative reasons.

Ever since the SSN’s initiation, it has always comprised of the area number with three digits, followed by a group number of two digits and ends by the serial number with four digits.

The proposed changes centers on the removal of the geographical implication associated with the first three digits of the SSN. The agency believes that it would significantly reduce the opportunity for SSN misuse and fraud.

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