Sacramento Patio Covers Go High-Tech with Solara, Yancey Company Reveals

Sacramento, CA (PressExposure) March 14, 2012 -- California-based home improvement leader Yancey Company is ready to meet customer demands for high-tech Sacramento patio covers.

"Modern homes require modern conveniences," company announced today, stating it was not at all surprised to see that more homeowners are clamoring for more than the fundamental advantages offered by regular covers.

One-touch convenience

For its high-end line, the company disclosed that it will exclusively install the "smart" patio cover Solara. The standard Solara package currently:

• gives homeowners full control of the amount of sun or shade to allow in the patio
• permits the space to be used safely during both good and bad weather
• changes up the look of the cover instantly
• lets the user choose between high light and low light settings

Touted as the complete and dynamic outdoor roofing solution that allows families to "live in their porches," the all-aluminum Solara features a control panel that allows the homeowner to switch among three patio cover styles for sun, rain, and winters.

The regular patio cover is either semi-open or permanently closed. However, the Solara can be both. "All it really takes is a push of the button to convert a completely covered patio into a pergola-style vacation spot," Yancey Company explained.

Options to upgrade the cover are also available at additional cost. The services include electrical wiring, insulation, leak-proofing, creative lighting, and ceiling fan installation.

Currently on sale for below $10,000 and for a limited time only is Yancey Company's patio cover installation service bundled with complete electrical wiring.

Conventional options still open

In an earlier press statement, the company enumerated four of the most common uses of Sacramento patio covers to include improving exteriors, extending living space, increasing resale value, and reducing energy bills.

• Patio covers help bring down energy costs. Since the covers help to block a certain percentage of the heat that enters the house, upgraded windows and air-conditioners do not have to work as hard to keep indoor temperatures low.

• Patio covers add interest to a home's exterior. Once homeowners begin to beautify their patios, they also end up taking care of their lawns. The domino effect produces visually appealing results and increases resale values.

• Patio covers extend living space. Covers used as make-shift recreational areas and party venues help to decongest in-house traffic and allow families to accommodate visitors than regular space normally would.

Yancey Company reiterated that even at their basic level, regular patio covers remain useful, and so the company will continue to offer them to more conventional households.

Its standard line of patio covers includes lattice-style pergolas, skylights, and permanently covered patios.

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About Yancey Company

About Yancey Company
Founded in 1939 by then 22-year-old Joel, Yancey Company is one of Sacramento, California's most trusted home improvement establishments. It believes that the best way to stay in business is to build a base of satisfied customers and repeat clients. The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is an officially recognized carrier of the Solara - one of today's most advanced Sacramento patio covers.

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