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Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- Today, cell phones have become an essential part of our basic lives. We could easily get them either from online stores such as [], or local mobile phones shops. They become cheaper and cheaper, even the high-end type, like TV mobile phones [] and dual SIM phones []. We must admit deny its advantage, but its downside shouldn’t be ignored. Among us, quite a few people seem to forget when to use and when should not use, especially some careless drivers.

Using cell phone while driving is more likely to cause accident or crash, as drivers are easily distracted by others, for example, his emotion and his talk content. We have seen a lot in our lives and on TVs.

It is even more dangerous than drink driving. According to certain study data, using cell phone whilst driving is 30% worse than driving under the alcohol affection. Careless drivers not only put himself at risk, but also pose a danger to other people’s normal lives. And until now, almost no countries have set up formal laws to punish or ban this kind of act. The safety of making phone calls as driving totally depends on the driver’s phone settings and the driver himself,

A. About the mobile phone:

Voice commands are available, so you don’t need to dial the number with your hands;

Hand-free tools are recommended to be with the drivers’ phone. Bluetooth or ear-bud compatible cell phones let your free from corded troubles and other danger;

Drivers should bring adequate-charged phones. Inadequate-charged ones always cause bother and make you less focus on the driving.

B. About drivers Learn the phones function well. As you are driving, you might have no time where to find the things you want;

Make sure that you have all the contact information stored in the phone when on the road;

As long as you drive, never read a text and don’t text to others. It so dangerous, as you will use at least one hand and one eye. Is that right?

Set speed dial options for items that you need to use when you are driving, like your hotel number, flights, clients, emergency contact person, or anything else;

For leisure or unimportant calls, you should end it in a very short time. But for important calls, you should tell the caller that you are driving and you could contact him/her at a later time;

Tell those who might give you a call when you are on the road that you will drive during what period of time. I assume that they are willing not to bother you as you drive.

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